winter feels.

It’s so easy to get caught up in the daily routine, especially when you try to give your all in everything you do, and try to be the best version of yourself every day. 

I don’t strive for perfection. I know I will never achieve anything remotely close to perfection, but I do have great expectations of myself and of the way I live my life.

I like to hold myself accountable for every small and big thing that I do and that happens to me, because if I don’t, I loose track of the person I am, and the person I want to become – someone who will leave a positive imprint in this world. And I to tend to stick to the basics: be a good human being, help others, smile at strangers, keep an open mind and keep adventure close to my heart.

But sometimes I get caught in the daily routine. The boring, tiring and relentless office routine. The 9-5 routine as some people call it. The daily hassle.

Sometimes I just stop in the middle of a busy working day (all of my working days are busy), I look around and I’m surrounded by chaos all around, and I ask myself what’s the point of it all. How did I get stuck in here and why am I not out there exploring the world, meeting new people, raising puppies, watching sunsets and meditating at sunrise.

But then I remind myself of the temporariness of it all. I remind myself that this is how it’s meant to be for a while. To get where I want to get, I, like any human being in this world, have to go through the struggles, the fear, the pain of getting to where I am meant to get to. 

I have faith in the journey, it’s just the process that scares me sometimes. But I wouldn’t be where I am today, if I lost that belief. 

The belief that we are all destined for greatness.. Not extraordinary greatness, but day-to-day greatness.  The kind of greatness that keeps you sane, the kind of greatness that comes from enjoying the little things in life, the kind that comes from helping one another. The kind of greatness that comes from sharing kisses that sweep you of your feet, the kind of moments that take your breath away. 

The kind of simple, mundane things that make the journey worth a while.

And when you feel like giving up .. just keep going. 


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