Bham 24hr Kirtan 2013

Let me tell you a story…

“We all dream of travelling the world, but some dreams are bigger than others.”

(Graham Hughes)

There was once a little girl who dreamt of saving the world. The girl used to play alone most of the days, imaging worlds and heroes far away. She dreamt of having super powers and saving the poor children of the world, and having a dog farm where all the children and the dogs could live happily ever after.

But as we all know, sometimes reality kicks in and some wishes are not granted. Some dreams are never fulfilled. And as you know, most of us just forget childhood dreams, hopes or joy.

Years went by and the little girl grew up. But she never forgot the plans she had. She just adapted a more ‘normal norm’ to her dream – and she started working on it.

There were many people who told her that what she had planned was crazy and that she would never succeed. But she never listened to them, she knew she had to listen to her heart. And her heart was longing to meet people far away, to listen to their stories, to sun bath on lonely islands, to fall in love, to search for herself.

And then she left. Without looking back, she let go of fear and judgment. She embraced the strange, the different and she understood that there is more to life that what’s exactly in front of us. That life is not meant to be lived in a
same place, that home is not a place somewhere on the earth. Home is made up of all the souls, all the sunrises, all the laughs, the cries and the heartbreaks that we all keep within our souls. 

Our soul is our home. And she began the discovery of her lost consciousness, knowing that all her dreams and hopes were once born into the Soul of the World.

But she hasn’t got it all figured out! Don’t you worry. She just knows that for the moment the word that describes her is WANDERLUST. And she knows that she needs to keep those dreams alive. That’s the only available option.

Hi, my name is Monica and this right here, this blog is meant to show you the World through my Eyes. And hopefully, it will inspire you to take a step closer to your dreams.


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