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’25. A Manifesto.’

“The biggest adventure you can take is to live the life of your dreams.” ~ Oprah Winfrey 

This one’s for all of us out there that still believe in that tiny voice that comes from our hearts .. That voice that keeps telling us to BELIEVE. To DREAM. To HOPE …     I lay in bed aware of all the noises around me. Aware of my sister’s soft snoring in bed next to me, of my neighbour making a smoothie at 5am, of the police car that just went by our building. 

Aware that somewhere in the world, someone else’s life is beginning today. And someone else’s life has come to an end. And somewhere in the world someone is buying a coffee from Starbucks and counting their blessings, while at the street corner there’s a homeless kid who hasn’t had a warm drink in a month. And that people are celebrating the memory of loved one lost in the terrible 9/11. And that some people slept outside last night, while a mother somewhere, put her children to bed in soft and comfy beds. 

I realise that I should count my blessings too. I am thankful for Life giving me ALL. Thankful for 25 years of crying, laughter, problems, solutions, and challenges.   For old friends. New friends. Old love. New dreams.  And all I’m asking for the next 25 years is the power to laugh a little louder, cry a little harder, give my ALL again and keep on dreaming. To be allowed to keep the child in me alive.  I’ve also learned few things over the years..  I know now that not all that glitters is necessarily gold.  I know that some people are just not meant to be in your life, no matter how hard you try to accommodate them. I’ve also learned that shouldn’t be an obstacle for cherishing the moments you’ve shared with them and the memories that were made.  I know that keeping it SIMPLE (in dressing, speech, expressing oneself) it’s a form of maturity. But also that COMPLEXITY  and REBELLING with a cause it’s highly needed for the survival of the SOUL.  Nature has taught me the if takes TIME.. It takes time to embrace your uniqueness, time to heal, time to trust. As a general rule – let TIME and FAITH show you the way.  Believe that GOOD things are coming. But be prepared for bumps along the road.  FAITH. I’ve learned this one the hard way: we all need something or someone to believe in. To make life matter – look into your SOUL. You, as much as any other being on this planet – are a piece of the DIVINE.  Time also showed me that it is okay if my idea of ‘living life’ has changed over time: it’s perfectly fine to prefer staying all cuddled up at home with a good book, a glass of wine and good music, instead of going out, getting drunk and puking in a bar’s toilet. But also if that’s where you’re at – it’s okay too. I’m not judging you.  On JUDGMENT: the hardest lesson of them all! You know what I’ve learned about this one? That I am NOBODY to judge your life choices. But also that you are nobody to judge mine either.  We are all these tiny, tiny particles in time – but we get caught up in our own head and think we are the most important pieces of the puzzle. But let me burst your bubble now: we really are not. See the BIG PICTURE.  Of course, there are so many, many things I know know yet.  Like how to make chocolate, or the distance between the North Pole and the South Pole, or the fact that I only speak 3 languages fluently from the 6500 that are being spoken around the world.  Or the fact that I still don’t know what I want to do with my life, and the fact that I still don’t have any idea how to make all my dreams come true.  But I’m trying to be okay with that – because hopefully (fingers crossed), I still got a bit more time.. Time to learn a few more things. To laugh a bit more. To cry few more tears. To wear my heart on the sleeves.  To TRY.  And I hope you do too. I hope you use the the time that was given to you wisely.

I hope that you will leave your mark. 


Peace, Love & Happiness,


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