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Today was meant to be Different.

There were few things I was meant to be doing today. Today was meant to go completely different according to the plans I had made 2 months ago. 

Today I was supposed to get up, pack my bag and head for an airport. I was supposed to get on one of those big, scary airplanes and fly away to my mum. 

Everything was planned – all my clothes were sent weeks in advance, goodbyes were said and I was done with this place. 

Tonight I was supposed to have for dinner my mum’s food and have a glass of really good wine, catching up on life. Instead, I had indian and I was surrounded by strangers,  engaged in a not – so – meaningful conversation. 

I was supposed to be wrapping Christmas presents by the fire and have hot chocolate that my mum would make for me. I would go to my uncle’s, take the dog for a walk and watch the first snow settle down over earth. 

Instead, I was outside, in the rain, hair blowing in a million directions, and wishing I was somewhere else entirely.

Today was supposed to go according to my plan. But then it didn’t. 

But as I was walking down the street tonight, making my way home, it hit me:

Life’s like that sometimes.. Your well – thought plans will change in a blink of a second. Your choices will only be your choices, until they aren’t anymore and you realise they are ruled by forces much bigger and much more important than your whole entire life. 

Things do happen for a reason. You meet the people you do for a particular purpose. You go through changes, hardship and good times to be shown things. To be enlighten. To be able to grow. 

So tonight, as I sit here in the dark, sipping a Southern Comfort and listening to old records, I realise I forgot the whole point of my journey again.

And for that, tonight I need to give thanks. I need to bow to the Universe and open my heart to the destiny. 

What will be, will be.

Que sera, sera.. 

We like it or not. 

Things happen for a reason. 


“Until you conquer the enemy in yourself, you can’t handle anyone.”  ~ Lauren Hill 

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