Time to get Real. Change is the only constant we get in this equation.

-I had nothing to ofefr anybody except my own confusion.-

We got through a lot of situations in a lifetime. As a matter of fact, something always happens. We’re on the go constantly, always changing our minds, clothes, opinions, aspirations and dreams.

It’s part of us. It’s one of the constant as we embark on this magic adventure called LIFE.

I took a break from writing and I’ve been missing it. Writing for me has been one the constants.

But I had to evaluate, re-group and analyse if this ‘writing thing’ that I’ve been into, is something I should be doing.

Things happened that made me question that part of me. And I think on the way, listening to advice from everyone around me – I lost a part of myself – a part of the message I want to send with this blog too: being who you truly want to be is very hard sometimes, but if we really fight to make space for ourselves in this world, it can really happen.

Sometimes we’ll back-track, sometimes we’ll fail at things that we thought we were good at, and sometimes we’ll listen to what others have to say about our dreams because we are too scared to trust the process and actually sit down with ourselves and listen to our gut feeling.

It’s time for me to get real.

Over the next few weeks, I’ll write about a few subjects that I’ve never really talked about on here, but I think it’s time for me to do that if I want to grow as a person, and if I want this blog to be an actual portrait of all the pieces that make up my human experience.

It’s going to get ugly at times, sad and really uplifting too. All I want to do is live a life that can be of benefit to others. And if me talking about not-so-pretty-things will help, than may it be of benefit.

Until the next time, be inspired by this musical poetry. 

See you very soon,



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