This Summer: Indian Head Camp!

A collage I made from my IHC stickers.
A collage I made from my IHC stickers.

Last year, after I handed in my final project for university, I decided I wanted to go to summer camp. But as life has it, I couldn’t go last year because of few factors.

And to be honest, I think it was for the best. Because I feel like this year is meant for adventures (that’s how it started, I hope it’s not going to stop any time soon), I moved forward with my application, went to a job fair in January and I got Placed!!

This page will document my upcoming journey as well as few tips and tricks for anyone out there who is considering spending a summer at a summer camp.

And let me tell you, I strongly suggest you do that. If you’ve never been to a summer camp before maybe this would sound crazy to you, but to all those out there who spent at least a summer as a camper – it’s a life-changing experience! I am one of those campers by the way.

And because camp was such an important experience in my life, I want to make this summer special for other children.

Over the next few posts  I will document the journey that got me placed with the help of the CAMP LEADERS superstars! 
Keep Calm and work at Indian Head Camp
Keep Calm and work at Indian Head Camp

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