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This is how my Summer Reading List looked like.

“The more that you read, the more things you will know. The more that you learn, the more places you’ll go.”
— Dr. Seuss


I’ve been quite busy this summer – as you know – but you can always make time for a book!

But I’ve also been really lucky and blessed, because I had some really amazing people around me with a very good taste in books.

So, with no further ado, and in no particular order,  here’s what I have been reading over the last three months, books that I whole-hearthly recommend to anyone.


No.1: I Know Why Caged Birds Sing, Maya Angelou

This woman was and still is one of my greatest inspirations in life. Her writing style is just like an old lullaby that you can listen at any stage in your life – it will pick you up and entangle you with the sweet ribbon of life , but will also keep you grounded into the hardships of life.

It is a beautiful and sad at the same time autobiography, which follows Maya’s first years of life (until teen age). You will be taken into a terrific but oh, so real life story.

If you don’t like  the book, you will at least learn that you’re not the centre of the Universe. There are people out there that had it tougher than you, but they were still able to pick themselves up and live a brilliant and inspiring life.


No. 2: Letter to my Daughter, Maya Angelou

Few weeks ago I went in a tiny book shop in Scranton, PA. I saw this book and I knew I got to read it. You can’t never have enough of Maya Angelou in your life!

This book was a breath of fresh air. Written in the poetic and musical style that Maya Angelou had, it was truly beautiful. It felt like I was reading a letter from my grandmother. Full of wisdom and precious advices to live an honest and grandiose life.


No. 3: Brain on Fire: My Month of Madness, Susannah Cahalan

Another autobiography, written in a perfectly clear journalistic style by Susannah.

If you are interested in the human mind in general and in mysteries, this is going to be a marvellous read. If you are interested in rare diseases and in how people (families) deal with such a tragic happening, this is your read. Or if you are simply interested in reading something different, this is also your read.

I recommend it with all my hearth. I fell in love with this girl’s writing – everything about it is what I should have been thought in my Journalism Degree. But what captivated me was the story behind – such a rare disease, so many people fell victim to it – many of them still in mental institutions because of wrong diagnostics.


No. 4: Looking for Alaska, John Green

John Green has been in the media lately for the major success The Fault in our Stars was. I read that book and also watched the movie. That is why I decided to read this one.

It was a good book – although I preferred TFIOS, it gave some really interesting quotes and also a really sweet and sad teenage story. IF I would have read it few years ago, Looking for Alaska would have been a favourite of mine. I’m sure of that.

But as I’m a few years older, and few more (dozens) books wiser, I will say that it’s definitely an easy and must-read book. It’s always nice to be remembered how much power teenage years had, and that we should take life as it is – with good and bad happenings.


No.5:  Gone Girl, Gillian Flynn

This book seems to be everyone’s obsession for the last few months. I, personally, did not find it extraordinary. It definitely was an entertaining and action-packed read, but I from all the media build-up around it I was expecting way, way more from it.

But as I said, it is a good book to pass time with. One thing I would have loved was a more definite character build-up. The end of the book seemed too rushed for my taste, but really unexpected in a good way.


No.6: The anatomy of Wings,  Karen Foxlee

This book.. Oh, this book! The first thing I said when I finished reading it was I wish some day I can write at least half as beautiful and delicate as this lady does.

I picked the book because of the cover and I discovered a treasure – the way words entwine to create magic. It’s a sad but beautiful read. I will not say anything else besides prepare to be surprised. And let your soul be touched.


No. 7: The Maze Runner, James Dashner

I picked the book in the same way I picked Divergent – saw the movie trailer and had to read the book before watching the movie.  It did not impress me to be fair. I was expecting more. It starts quite good, but the end of the book just rushes of and everything gets tangled and weird.  I enjoyed the action, but I do not think I will pick up the second book of the series.


No. 8: Harry Potter and the Philosophers Stone, J.K. Rowling

This one does not need any introductions. I can’t even remember how many times I have read this book. But you know what? It does not really matter. Magic exist and a trip to Hogwarts is always the best idea.


No.9: Forever and Always, Jasinda Wilder

Of course, I could not finish my summer without a bit of cheesy romance! So if I’m to read romance, I might as well do it properly. The book is part of a trilogy, so I’m (kind of) looking forward to reading the next one.

It is a beautiful and HOT story with a terrific end. So, be warned.

Treat with caution.



So this were most of the books I have been reading this summer.

My next post in this category is going to be about my Reading List for my favourite season – Autumn – so watch this space!


Peace & Love,






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