Huang Shan - The Yellow Mountain - seen when on a two hours climb down the stairs.
Huang Shan - The Yellow Mountain - seen when on a two hours climb down the stairs.

The trip to Yellow Mountain

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this past weekend I went to a beautiful place – Huang Shan, or the Yellow Mountain.

if i were to use few words to describe my trip, they would have to be life-changing and inspiring.

those are big words, but this is truly how it was for me and i  will explain why in a minute.

i had, what i like to describe as a identity crisis. I guess it was to happen sooner or later!

i have had a busy summer, no real time for any kind of meditation, then two crazy weeks back in UK before flying out to my new adventure – China.

it started with a hype first two-three weeks, and then boom! i started getting sick, pilling up some few kilos, feeling so tired and not motivated to do much.

i knew i needed to do something about it, but i couldn’t figure out what it was.

so i did what any sane person in times of crisis does: PRAY. it was all of the sudden, on a beautiful autumn night when i was in my beautiful room, thinking about how i’m messing out my spirit and soul.

so i just prayed to the Divine Power to give me strength to get back to my path and remember why i’m doing what i’m doing and to help me help others.

few days after, i was going on a 5 hours bus ride to the Yellow Mountain.

it was on that bus ride, heading towards the mountain, seeing a blue sky again and less pollution, that it started coming back to me: flashes from old dreams, new hopes, relief. i thought i had lost my spirit. i thought that was it for me.

it was in that moment that i smiled. mentally, it was like that exact moment after a heavy rain, when the SUN comes out. then i realised.

i am still here. my heart is still beating and my feet can take me to places. my eyes can see the greatness of a Higher Power, and I can smell the blessed fresh air again.

my eyes can see the blue sky and my hands can touch the first rusty leaves that Autumn laid on the ground.

i was so grateful. so thankful.

the reason why i’m writing this right now, is because i think all of us have moments of crisis and panic. moments when we think the world will end.

and i think it’s really important to pause for a moment, BREATHE and put things into perspective: there is a greater purpose for our lives (no matter who you are, no matter where you come from). we were given this body, this soul to perform great acts; acts of kindness, acts of love towards us and others.

it helps a lot to stay in the moment and tell yourself that you are exactly where you need to be right NOW.

In terms of the beauty of the place, I will let the pictures above speak for themselves. it was a hard climb – since i have been so out of shape lately – but it was more of a mental challenge than a physical one.

the end results are worth – muscles still sore, even 3 days later, but i’m back on my tack,closer to my spirit than before arriving in this country.

Peace and Love,


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