The 2014 Goodreads Reading Challenge!

A bit later than anticipated, but here’s my 2014 Goodreads Challenge! 

It has been a big year from many points of view – but one of the things that I am really happy with is completing my 2014 GoodReads Challenge.

Initially, I started with a goal of reading 40 books in 2014. 

but as I was reaching the goal some time during the summer, I decided to make it more fun and a bit more challengeable – so I changed my challenge to 60 books. 

From looking at the book list (thanks to Goodreads, I can keep all my books organised) I can see that I’ve read a lot of Romance novels. What a surprise! But I’ve spiced it up with some classics, some Biographies and even some Mystery books. 

I think a book is a very good friend to have around. I try to carry with me a book everywhere I go. Just in case I find myself having some free moments, and I want to do something productive. 


For 2015, I have decided to challenge myself a bit more: I want to read 100 books! It is doable, and yes, maybe I am putting a bit of pressure on myself – but hey! Pressure is good – it makes us step outside our comfort zone most of the times. And we all know that wonderful things happen when you step outside your comfort zone. 


As a bonus, I thought of sharing with the world my top 5 books(or series) of 2014: 


1. The Kite Runner, Khaled Hosseini: this man’s writing is Divine. It’s a down-to-earth book – a book about hard times, about how unfair life is sometimes and about letting go and holding on. A lot of people recommended this book to me and I am very happy I gave it a try finally. I cried. A lot. But that’s because it touched some very sensible cords in my Soul. It’s a very emotional book. Don’t be prepared for happy endings, be prepared for Real



2. Fall from Grace, Christine Zolendz: this is a love story – but what a love story! it involves angels, soulmates, a boy-band and a lot of chemistry! It’s part of a trilogy called ‘Mad World’ and it has been written in a beautiful way! The characters are complex and most of the scenes are very well presented. And plus, again, a very hot main character. Who is a singer. And it makes reference to lots of good songs. What else. 


3. I know why caged birds sing, Maya Angelou: this woman was extraordinary. It was a very sad day when the news came that she has left this Earth. And this book is one of her Autobiographies, but it’s written so beautifully. I find that whenever I read one of her books, feels like my mother or grandmother is sharing some wisdom with me. From this book I learnt that life is not fair most of the times, and that we have to fight through the dark times in order to find some light.


4. Brain on Fire, Susannah Callahan: what a journey this book was! I read it when I was in summer camp, because one of my friends there had it in her bunk. It was the first book of this kind that I have read – it’s basically the story of how Susannah was diagnosed with few mental diseases and how she fought against the season and her loved ones, only to find out that she was not crazy; but the bearer of a very rare disease. The book is written very clearly and concise (Susannah is a journalist) and it is very enjoyable. It left me with the feeling of ‘What if…’! What if it would happen to me..? 


5. The Anatomy of Wings, Karen Foxlee: another camp read. A beautiful story about mourning, letting go and suicide. A story about loss, sisters and a 10 years-old girl dealing with one of the first deaths in her family. It’s beautifully written, so sad but it taps into our humanity – remember the first time you lost someone? 


So this was my 2014 in books.. If you have any recommendations for 2015, please leave comments! 


Peace & Love, 


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