2014 thank you!

i am sitting here, few hours before this year is going to come to an end – candles burning, Sam Smith’s album playing in the background and mentally planning how this day is going to go.

it has been a full year. we learnt so many things. we laughed. we shared moments. 
we cried.
we slept in late. or woke up very early. 
365 days. 
12 months. 
50 something weeks. 
so many hours. .
i hope you made count most of them. 
i hope it has been a good year for you. 

even so, i’m hoping that 2015 will be your best year yet. 

Today, I want to give my thanks for all that happened this year … 
                                          i am grateful for being able to live on 3 continents over the past year. 
                                          my greatest passion is still travelling and this is my greatest achievement. 

 i am thankful for letting go. 

for the people that made this year one of the best years in my life.

for good books and late nights. 

for realising that i need to embrace my weirdness. that if i’m the only one that has to be fine with it.

i am also thankful for being more independent and speaking my mind. 

for summer camp! 

for my students at ZUMC. 

for understanding that i need to be my best friend first, because people will come and go, but if you don’t love the person that you are when your head hits the pillow at night, you’re screwed.. 

i am thankful for my family. 

for making friends whenever i go, but never forgetting my old ones. 

i am thankful for the craziness that China brought to my life. 

for strong coffee.

for being able to be here today and write this post. 

for hobbies and passions.

for waking up every morning and being thankful for all that i got in life – good and bad. 

here’s to everyone that has loved, lost, cried, laughed, fought, made up and anything in between. 

here’s to the people that left this earth this year .. May they always be remembered. 

here’s to you. here’s to me! 

because 2014 has been a full year … 

thank you! 


** and here’s my year in pictures..


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