2013.. Thank YOU

it has been a big year.
in so many ways.
for everyone.
change has come unexpectedly. friendships were forgotten.
love was ended.
hope was lost. hope was found.

oh 2013..

what a year full of surprises you brought.

i take the time today to say thank you.

thank you for all the mistakes i got to make.

for all the sleepless nights.

for the panic attacks.

for the tears shedded on bathroom floors.

for teaching me to accept myself.

for letting me create, make beautiful art.

for all the chocolate i got to eat.

for any of the peoples’ life i got to change even an once.

for sunshine.

and for a fabulous autumn.

for family.

thank you for not letting me give up.

and not lastly, thank you for giving me the chance to make 2014 a MAGICAL year.


Peace & Love.


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