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TED Talks that will inspire you to take a leap of faith.

It’s official. British autumn has arrived in full power over here. Bring out the hot-water bottles, warm socks and over-sized sweaters!

And because grey weather means most of the times grey moods,  I’ve been pilling up a list of motivational talks on Youtube, and I decided that sharing some TED wisdom with the world is the way to go today.

This next talks are some of my favourites. They bring me some perspective, a bit of humour and just general hope in humanity.

I think we all need motivation because sometimes we  forget how amazing human beings are. I’ve watched this talks few times over time and they always made me smile. They made me wonder about the things happening around me and about where my life is going. And I hope they inspire you too.

So here it goes .. My favourite 5 TED Talks.

  1. Michael Lee – The chemistry of Joy: a lyrical meditation on grief. If I could marry a man tomorrow, that would be Michael. This human being is the most inspiring and smart person I have seen around this whole wide web. He uses sis grief and life experience to make beautiful, hunting art. Watch this and tell me he did not make you feel something. Anything.


2. Grant Spanier – Stuff worth doing. “It’s way,way easier to follow the path that’s expected and respected.” This is an amazing inspiration piece. Grant talks about how we all should be using our time to do what we consider successful for ourselves, and let go of the expectations  that were bestowed upon us. If TIME is our only currency, why not spend it wisely?


3. Brian Miller – How to magically connect with anyone. “The real secret of magic is understanding and taking on different perspectives of you.” Brian talks about how important is to pay attention to the people in front of us. On top of that, he’s a wonderful storyteller.


4. Caroline McHugh – The art of being yourself.  “When you look in the mirror you don’t look at yourself. You look for yourself.” Her Scottish accent is so charming! She talks about people larger-then-life. People that found their true purpose and went on to follow it. And we can be those people. That’s the truth. Your only job is to be be as good at being you as you can be.


5.  Sam Berns – My philosophy for a happy life. Sam is such a fighter and inspiration. He is suffering of Progeria (rare genetic disease) and he talks about how nothing should stop you when you really want to accomplish something. Yes, some days will be tougher, some people will come between you and your dreams, but do not give up. Oh, and be thankful.


I hope you’ve enjoyed this selection. I’ve surely did enjoyed re-watching them.

TED Talks is an amazing platform where you can connect with great thoughts from people of all walks of life, that have experienced so many things. You can overcome any of the obstacles and problems in your life if you are willing to change the way you look at things. If you are willing to keep an open mind and learn from others, you can do great things. That’s how I try to live my life anyway. 


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