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  • My first Workaway experience. Was it worth it?


    I was telling you here about my decision to join the volunteering wagon with Workaway.

    Well I did it ..! Sort of. Only for 10 days.

    And my conclusion about my experience? Do your Research. Ask questions. Make sure what you’re getting yourself into.

    **I’ve wrote the first part of this post on day 3 of my experience – when a kind of homesickness, wondering what the hell I’m doing here phase – kicks in. I came to embrace it and recognise it as the Adjustment period. The first three days or so of getting to a new place, getting used to the house habits and so on. **

    The family that I volunteered for wasn’t that bad – in my opinion, I think they just thought they had more work on their hands than they really had, so they went and offered 3 volunteers to come and stay with them.

    And because apparently they were new to this whole thing, there were few things that I really did not appreciate, mostly the fact that they were treating us like house employees, and not like people that came there for an exchange.. 


    For me, Workaway was great because: 

    1. I met new people, I saw how others live.
    2. I’ve had the opportunity to spend more time in nature, and work with animals, sit by the beach with a book, read a bit more.
    3. I’ve learned more (sort of) about vegan and vegetarian living, but also learned few new recipes.
    4. It gave me PERSPECTIVE. Distancing yourself a bit, seeing the bigger picture is always good.
    5. I saw a bit of the British countryside, a place where I would have not came if it weren’t for this opportunity.

    And even though it has been quite a bumpy road, I will definitely volunteer again. It just made me realise that people are different, but we are all humans. Some of us are more open to change, some not so much.  

    Advice I would give to anyone who wants to try Workaway:

    1. Do your research. Ask as many questions as possible, don’t be shy! Ask about working hours, what exactly you have to do and if the people are able to pick you up. Ask anything you want to know.
    2. It’s an exchange, not a proper job. You are not an employee, you are there to help out in exchange for some new experiences, a new place and food. I’ve been unfortunate in this department: the people I went and stayed with considered me and the other two volunteers, employees – they would order us around, expect us to set table, clean after them and so on.
    3. Be present. You’re there to experience something different. Make sure you get involved in the family life, ask about their passions and so on. Most people love to share. All you got to do is ASK.
    4. Try new things. Don’t be afraid to try the new dish the family cooked for dinner. Or try horse riding, even if you never did it before. Or plant a flower. Or built a fence. It might seem scary and overwhelming at first, but the adrenaline rush you feel once you’ve done it: priceless.

    Here are some photos that I posted from my time in Devon.

    Until next time.


    Peace, Love & Happiness,


  • |Come with me to .. Instow, Devon |


    “Life is pure adventure, and the sooner we realize that, the quicker we will be able to treat life as art.”  ~Maya Angelou


    As I mentioned here, I’m currently on my Workaway adventure in North Devon!

    It’s fun, exciting and brilliant, and I will be doing a full review of the experience some time in the next 2 weeks. But for now, I want to share with the world some amazing shots that I took in the last few days.

    I will just say that it is true.. Nature does know best. Nature is the best healer.






















    This is it for now. I’ll be back very soon with a details from my adventure. I’ll tell you the bad, the ugly and the beautiful!


    Peace, Love, Happiness,



  • Life on the Road: Will you be my travel buddy..?


    “I want to stand as close to the edge without going over. Out on the edge you see all kinds of things you can’t see from the centre.” ~Kurt Vonnegut 

    And I’m off again! It’s been too long now – 2 months of doing nothing more than reading, watching ’90s shows and knitting. I’ve had enough.

    I’ve been feeling it in my bones for a month or so already. The buzz was building up – it needs release now. My soul needs to see new places, to meet different characters, to pack again!

    Already, Mona?? You’ve just finish your Asian adventure, some of my friends said at my birthday dinner last week.

    My answer to that? Why not. What do I have to loose. Nothing. But I’ve got everything to win. And more experiences to add to the book of my life.

    And because this blog is my testament for when I’ll be an old granny with loads of puppies and grandkids, I decided to post a life update of my life in the next few months.

    Sunday I’m heading to North Devon for a WorkAway volunteering experience. What’s this Workaway? It’s a very popular site at the moment – it allows nomads to live with families and help on different projects around their homes, in exchange for food and lodgement. You can check it out here.

    I’ll be going on my first experience for few weeks. I decided to pick Devon because we’ve recently visited the place, and it was beautiful! I’m informed by the family that I’ll be staying 5 minutes from the beach and 10 minutes from a permaculture farm, and that I’ll be helping around with tasks around the house – which the control-freak in me loves!

    A post on my experience will be coming in the upcoming weeks, so stay tuned.

    I’ll be coming back to where my sister lives around November – for her *drum rolls please * Graduation!! I’m so excited for that one, and proud of my baby sister for finishing up University. Besides that, Mama Bear is coming too, so it would be nice to spend some time with her.

    In December, I’ve decided it’s a good time to go to Romania. Second time this year. I’ll be spending Christmas with my mum – the first one in 7 years – a very much anticipated one.

    From Romania, I plan to head back to Asia again, for the second part of my Chinese experience – better prepared this time – and hopefully I’ll gain a bit more language knowledge (it’s a tough language, y’all!)

    I’ll be leaving China for India – I’ve been thinking of getting a Yoga certification in few years – I think it’s time I did it.

    From India, all re-charged and full of new found energy (I hope), I will be going down towards * second drum-roll, please * Australia!! I decided I should be heading to the land down under before I turn 30 (which is not that far *sob sob*).

    And there you have it – my plan for the next year or so. I mostly wanted to write it down – it helps me reflect better and it gives me energy. I’m very hopeful this plan will become reality, like everything else that does when you work your butt off for.

    Do you want to join me on any part of my journey? Drop me a message/email/Facebook me. I’d love to have more like- minded around me.

    Until next time, I’d leave you with this tune – it helped me wrote down my future plans. Maybe it helps you to.

    “The purpose of life is to live it, to taste it, to experience it to the utmost, to reach out eagerly and without fear for newer and richer experience.” ~ Eleanor Roosevelt 


    Peace, Love, Happiness,


  • | Come with me to .. Torquay (UK) |

    2015-08-31 17.03.20.png

    I spent the last Summer Bank Holiday by the sea. It was a short trip, and unfortunately I did not had time to visit a bit more and get immersed in the life of locals. 

    Torquay is located in the English Riviera (Devon) and has been known as one of the Top 10 Holiday Destinations in UK (according to this). 

    It can be reached easily by train, bus or obviously by car. 

    And from what I could see, Torquay is a nice, little, posh city by the sea-side. People seemed more relaxed than usual (probably because of the sea-breeze) and it reminded me a lot of Lausanne (Switzerland) – one of my favourite cities. 

    I will definitely go back there some day, and do a bit more exploring and see what it has to offer. In the mean time though, enjoy few snaps I took while I was there.

    The Pier
    The Pier

    2015-08-31 17.03.20.png

    Beach Time! A tad bit too cold for my liking, but nice view.
    Beach Time! A tad bit too cold for my liking, but nice view.
    Toys R US.
    Toys R US.
    Meet SID - my new best friend. All I need now is a wand and I'm ready for Hogwarts!
    Meet SID – my new best friend. All I need now is a wand and I’m ready for Hogwarts!
    One of the best things about Torquay: plenty of cafes' to choose from.
    One of the best things about Torquay: plenty of cafes’ to choose from.
    The Pier
    The Pier


    Peace, Love & Happiness - ALOHA -
    Peace, Love & Happiness – ALOHA –
    Just doing their thing - a day at the beach.
    Just doing their thing – a day at the beach.
    Ferry Ride! A must-do while in Torquay
    Ferry Ride! A must-do while in Torquay
    Livin' the Life ..
    Livin’ the Life ..
    Brihxam - a ferry ride away.
    Brixham – a ferry ride away.