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  • Come with me to .. Dipu Village (Zhejiang Province)


    I was within and without, simultaneously enchanted and repelled by the inexhaustible variety of life.” ~ F. Scott Fitzgerald 


    Few weeks back, when I was writing my post about my trip to Jianglang Shan, and I was day-dreaming about new travel plans and about the mountains – Cracking China made an announcement about an upcoming trip in Zhejiang province.

    Lavender fields, hiking, waterfalls .. it all sounded like a dream. So I decided to sign up and 2 weeks later I was on my way to a new adventure.

    Today I will talk about the first leg of the trip: Dipu village (递铺). Located in the northwest of Zhejiang province, Dipu has been around for the last 1000 years. Slowly progressing, but with lots of things going for it, you’ll be captivated by gorgeous flower fields, small family owned restaurants, and you’ll be given an inside into the life of the villagers. 

    What I love about these old villages is mostly the fact that everyone tries to make a living and adapt to the tourist masses that come by. They will sell home-made food on the street corners, jams, honey, hats. It’s amazing how resourceful they are.

    Enjoy the flower parade! 





    This little girl was chasing a butterfly. It was the sweetest thing I’ve witnessed in a while. 











    The thing that impressed me the most on this trip was how many things Zhejiang province has to offer. So many things to experience and to discover.

    So if you ever find yourself in this part of China, I suggest you give it a try. You might be pleasantly surprised!

    Peace & Love, 


  • My first Christmas in China – Secret Santa with my students!

    2014-12-22 09.27.20-3

    “Santa Claus is coming to town..’

    It’s Christmas day and I’m sitting here trying to send Xmas wishes to all my friends, but in between I’m looking at possible places to travel  next. I think there’s a serious case of Wanderlust building up! 

    But in the Christmas mood, today I want to share with you what I did with my students for Christmas. 

    I had a long debate about it, but in the end I decided that I will do Secret Santa with all my classes. We will talk maybe a bit about Christmas and watch some Christmas classics! 

    When I planned that, I did not expected it will go so well! These were, to be honest, the best memories I have made in China so far. Everyone got involved and they all tried to make this week so very special for me. I was trying to make it special for them, but they made it special for me! 

    We shared good moments, laughter and we took lots of pictures. It was wonderful. And I’m trying very hard to express it in words, for everyone to understand how much I love teaching here in Hangzhou and how proud I am of my students. 

    I don’t know if I’m going to teach them in 2nd term, but they made this first few months here extra-special. 

    Here are some of the pictures we took. In each class, I had one of the students put on a Santa hat and give the prezzies away to everyone.

    Day 1 of Christmas Celebration – Monday, December 22: 

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    Day 2 of Christmas Celebrations – Wednesday, December 24: 

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    Day 3 of Christmas Celebrations – Friday, December 26. Poorer quality – I forgot my camera on Friday, so all the pictures were took with different phones..


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