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  • Do Small things with great Love.


    Dedication.  In my 25 years on this earth, this is one of the most important word I added to my vocabulary. 

    To be dedicated to an idea, a dream, a person, a purpose. That’s what makes or breaks a person.

    As defined by the dictionary, the noun ‘dedication’ means:



    But I think the definition does not make the signification of the word enough  justice.

    Being dedicated means giving yourself completely to that something or someone you believe in.

    It means not giving up, making sacrifices and staying up late at night trying to make it happen.

    Dedication means blood, sweat and tears. And smiles, being kind, embracing your flaws and making the best of what you’ve got.

    It’s the thing that makes the difference between living an ‘ordinary life’, being complacent with how things are going and doing something great, something that will be of benefit to others. Something that will inspire you and others around you.

    I just want to mention here, I don’t really think there’s such thing as an ‘ordinary life’ – if we think about it, we’ve been through so many karma cycles, we’ve been reincarnated in so many species over the course of the thousands of years, that by simply being given this human life – that’s only fact alone is extraordinary! And I think we should be more aware of that when we oversee the little things that make life so much more worth it.

    The way I do it..? 

    I dedicate time. Or I try to. I dedicate time to the people I care about. I dedicate time to make myself aware of how important all those small things are. I dedicate time to pray. To dance. To listen my favourite songs. To speak about causes I care about. To smile.

    I’m talking about the day-to-day mundane things that sometimes we take for granted and ignore.

    Like making tea for your colleagues at work,.

    or helping someone with directions.

    or your sister letting you have the last piece of cake because she knows how much you love that last tiny bite of cake,

    or finding a book that you love in an old bookstore,

    or the smell of your favourite dish,

    or clean socks at the end of the week

    or being able to fill the sunshine on your face

    and feeling satisfied after dinner

    or being able to share snippets of your soul with another human being.

    It’s that easy, but so hard.


    I hope you dedicate some time this new week to something that makes your soul smile and your belly filled with butterflies.. even if you have to fight hard to ‘find time/ money/ motivation’ to do it. I’ll leave you with this brilliant quote from the late Jack Kerouac:


    “That’s the message. Nobody understands it, nobody listens, they’re all running around like chickens with heads cut off. I will try to teach it, but it will be in vain; s’why I’ll end up in a shack praying and being cool and singing by my wood stove making pancakes.”   



    May it be of benefit,


  • Day 2: March Playlist – Keep the fire burning!


    It was one of those March days when the sun shines hot and the wind blows cold: when it is summer in the light, and winter in the shade. ~ Charles Dickens 


    March has arrived so fast! Everything is happening at the moment – teaching, deciding what to do after China, more teaching, some running in between, lots of smoothies, and even more books. What keeps me going through it all is Music. Music is the glue to them all. 

    I invite you to do the same. Make playlists for Good days, bad days. Make your soul dance. The world needs more of it. 


    1.He appeared in my February Playlist, but I’ve got a musical crush – so sue me! I wake up with his songs in my mind most of the days. He’s that good: 


    2. One of my all-times favourites, Cinematic Orchestra creates for the soul. I fall asleep to this song on bad days: 


    3. I’ve only discovered Trevor Hall only about a week ago. But what a day that was. He’s such a beautiful soul. Amazing voice too: 


    4. This one is an old love (thanks to my mum’s amazing music taste). Every time I play it, I dance with my eyes closed. Like nobody’s watching. I dance for my Soul:


    5. Discovered this one last night, while reading an article on Elephant


    ** Bonus: my latest playlist in iTunes. If you’re having a bad day, I suggest you listen to at least 3 songs from this playlist. It will make you feel like everything is coming into place.. ** 



  • Let yourself go. I dare you.

    "You are the Sky. Everything else - it's just the Weather." ~ Pema Chodron 

    This one’s for March 1st. May you blossom this Spring. May you defeat your fears. May you let go of whatever is holding you back. 

    Because you got to live with Passion. Don’t wait for the ‘right’ moment. It will never come.


    Just DO it NOW. Whatever you are afraid of doing.


    Laugh like there’s no tomorrow.


    Love like the world ends today.


    Cry your heart out and then pick yourself up again.


    Travel if you feel like doing so.


    Dress up or dress down. Whatever you feel like doing today.


    Don’t wait for Tomorrow. Do it today. Do it Now.


    Be a goddamn authentic human being. 
    Don't hide behind excuses. 
    Be one of those us that face their fears.
    Be an inspiration. 
    Be a helper.
    Be a changer. 

    Go out there and blossom. 

    I dare you.