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  • Holiday mood ON: packing for Hong Kong!


    it feels like I’ve been waiting for this day in forever. Tomorrow my Winter Break begins!

    It’s been a long term for me here in China – started at the beginning of September with a whole new experience – teaching – and it ended two days ago.

    It has been a hell of a trip, I feel like I’ve learnt so many things about myself and the world around me. I’m starting to get more connected with myself and that’s the most important thing for me. If I can heal myself so I can help other heal themselves.

    Me and my friend Amanda (who has been a doll, and basically planned most of this trip), are gonna go on an adventure!

    We’re leaving Hangzhou for Hong Kong and we will spend the Chinese New Year there. We’re gonna try to hit Macau for a day trip and see what that side has to offer.

    After that, we’re going to spend about a day or two in few southern Chinese cities! It basically us taking the train up back to Hangzhou, but stopping in all this cities along the way.  But more about that in a future post.

    What I want to share today, is how my packing has been going – if you have been reading this blog, you will know that for me, the preparation for a trip is as important as the trip itself. I make a huge deal out of it, I even have a special playlist for packing! #geektravel. this hashtag was necessary, haha.

    So, here it is!

     Tomorrow’s Essentials: I’m wearing a sweater and Blue jeans (Zara), a H&M bag + a cool Passport holder; my iPhone, a Swatch watch and a Buddhist good luck bracelet. This would not be complete without Chanel, of course.. IMG_1562_Fotor

    the only jacket I’m bringing with me is this Bershka jeans jacket that I got on NY in Shanghai. I’m also gonna be wearing my Uber Cool boots. Very comfy and warm.  IMG_1566_Fotor

    also bringing my NOOK (of course!), a Disney Water bottle and my hippie wallet.IMG_1576_Fotor

    I’m mostly gonna wear comfy T-shirt and Jeans on this trip, but I had to bring something fancy (Chinese NY is on the 18th of Feb): A MONKI dress, ZARA scarf, another good luck (this time in Love, haha) bracelet and the Paco Rabanne Lady Million perfume.


    in terms of makeup, I’m not bringing much – I’m planning to buy some stuff in HK.. But I had to have my No.7 foundation and my Inisfree skin care products.

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    If you have any suggestions for things to do in Hong Kong – leave your comments below! I promise I will reply and take them in consideration.

    Peace & Love,

  • Today, I choose to blow my own damn mind.

    From the saga - coming back to myself - or creating myself, today I want to write down few thoughts on body image, living life to the fullest and being an independent woman in a country where most girls are chasing husbands and they don't dare to do what they feel like doing,for fear of disappointing their families.

    I’m talking about growing up into beautiful human beings – on the inside. Learning to listen to our hearts,  communicating about what we like and what we dislike, holding our own ground. Adventuring into the unknown and not being afraid of making mistakes.

    I’ve hade some rough and some less rough days lately, and most of the days I choose the Light. I look on my wrist at the tiny Sun that’s sitting comfortably there, and I remember that this is my battle and the important thing is to live in the Present.

    I am allowed to change my mind.

    I am allowed to scream, dance and laugh until my stomach hurts and cry until there are no tears left in the ocean of tears.

    I am allowed to dye my hair any fucking colour I want, because I can and because I want to. No other explanations needed.

    I am allowed not to like you because of the way you treat the people that are ‘below’ you. I am also allowed to tell you that to your face.

    I am allowed to dress like a tomboy one day, to built a piece of furniture and get down and dirty because I want to clean the kitchen pipes.

    I am sure as hell allowed to dress like a ‘girly girl’, put heels on and makeup and perfume and cross a leg over another when I sit tall at dinner.

    I am allowed to embrace my sexuality, feel beautiful and attractive, and to not expect anyone to tell me that I am any of those things, because I know I am ALL of those things.On most days. And that’s ok.  And I’m not ashamed that I feel that way.

    I am allowed to say ‘NO’ to anything that makes me feel uncomfortable. That being in either the bedroom, the halls of a job interview or in any situations that I perceive as threatening.

    I am allowed to be comfortable in my own skin, not be ashamed to experience pleasure, and  say 'NO' to messed up image models the media is trying to sell to me.

    I am allowed to Travel, even go around the world if I want to. I am allowed to move to Antartica, or Australia or India or anywhere in between. On my own. With no one to backup me, or to hold my hand while I am doing so.


    you are only limited by  the walls that you create around yourself. Don't let others           misconceptions and ideas about life to rule your World.

    Stay young. Let your ego die. Act like a Child. Embrace everything that comes your way.

    Embrace change and weirdness.

    Blow people if you don’t feel comfortable around them. Tell them to fuck off.

    You are allowed to do it.

    Remember that at the end of the day, all you have is Who you are.

    And that you need to love the person that is staring back at you in that goddamn bathroom mirror.


    “The real voyage of discovery consists not in seeking new landscapes, but in having new eyes.”

  • February Inspiration: Medicine for the People


    Today, because February it’s here, I will share with you some music for the Soul. 

    **Warning: this music will heal broken hearts and will make you feel more than a    tiny bit.It will crack open our stone hearts and will remind you that you are Human,before anything.** 

    My musical crush lately has been a gorgeous soul that goes by the name of Nahko Bear  and hangs out (by that I mean produces beautiful pieces of music) with a band called Medicine for the People.

    To put it in words, their words talks about feeding our Soul and tapping into our humanity – respecting one another and respecting Mother Earth. 

    I’ve only stumbled upon their songs (masterpieces) recently, but they’ve brought so much positive energy in my life, that I wanted to share it with the world!

    The band has been around since 2008. They come from Portland, and they have like influences hip-hop, jazz, tribal, folk and anything soul inspired. Basically, you need to listen to their songs to get the vibe.

    Spare few minutes of your busy schedule and just click play to at least one of this songs. It will be worth it.


    This is the tune I got on repeat at the moment. It’s their latest single and it brings me so much inspiration to write, to BE the change. Plus, Nahko’s voice is sublime: 


    This one is their most known song. The piano version is simply gorgeous: 


    And if you have a bit more time and you decided that you LOVE them, here’s their performance at the Summer Arts Music Festival in 2014: 


    Peace & Love,


  • My first Christmas in China – Secret Santa with my students!

    2014-12-22 09.27.20-3

    “Santa Claus is coming to town..’

    It’s Christmas day and I’m sitting here trying to send Xmas wishes to all my friends, but in between I’m looking at possible places to travel  next. I think there’s a serious case of Wanderlust building up! 

    But in the Christmas mood, today I want to share with you what I did with my students for Christmas. 

    I had a long debate about it, but in the end I decided that I will do Secret Santa with all my classes. We will talk maybe a bit about Christmas and watch some Christmas classics! 

    When I planned that, I did not expected it will go so well! These were, to be honest, the best memories I have made in China so far. Everyone got involved and they all tried to make this week so very special for me. I was trying to make it special for them, but they made it special for me! 

    We shared good moments, laughter and we took lots of pictures. It was wonderful. And I’m trying very hard to express it in words, for everyone to understand how much I love teaching here in Hangzhou and how proud I am of my students. 

    I don’t know if I’m going to teach them in 2nd term, but they made this first few months here extra-special. 

    Here are some of the pictures we took. In each class, I had one of the students put on a Santa hat and give the prezzies away to everyone.

    Day 1 of Christmas Celebration – Monday, December 22: 

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    Day 2 of Christmas Celebrations – Wednesday, December 24: 

    This slideshow requires JavaScript.

    Day 3 of Christmas Celebrations – Friday, December 26. Poorer quality – I forgot my camera on Friday, so all the pictures were took with different phones..


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  • To the man I met every day on the bus.

    We’ve been taking the same bus almost every day for the last few months. And I caught you staring at me. But you also caught me staring at me. I like to think you’re searching my eyes every time you get on the bus. 
    Or maybe our eyes search each other. 
    We have not said a word to one another. Maybe neither of us has that much courage. Or maybe we think it would be either. You always surrounded by your mates, me always surrounded by my books.But I like to think your name is Rob. You look like a Rob to me. A pretty handsome Rob.
    But if we ever got to talk to each other, let me give you a hint on how the future would look like.
    When we get over ourselves and finally say hello, you would ask me out on a date. Or maybe just a coffee. It’s too soon for dinner, you don’t want to scare me out.
    We’d go to this little hidden cafe, where they play jazz in the afternoons and has fresh flowers on each table. You’d chose the corner table, separate from all the other tables in there. I’d arrive 5 minutes later, just before the fashionably late time would go out.
    I’d wear my yellow dress and flowers in my hair. You’d say I look rather dashing.
    We would talk for hours. I’d get you to talk about your mum, your little brother that looks up to you. Your first love and your first hurt. Your old cat and the summer you spent with your gran in Cumbria.
    You’d say some really bad jokes just because you don’t want any awkward silences on this date! I’d laugh my silly laugh, and everyone will look our way.
    And with uttermost sincerity, you’d say you can listen to my laugh every day for the rest of your life.
    And then a silence would come. But not the awkward type. The understanding one. The silence that speaks a thousand words without saying any.
    You’d ask for my iPod, because you believe the music one listens defines us.
    You’d look into my eyes after hours and hours of talking and understand that this right here, what we got is special. It’s real.
    And we’d part ways knowing that we’ll see each other on the bus next day. But not like strangers. Like friends now. Like future partners in crime. For better or for worse.

    And this right here, it’s for you, my dear bus partner:

  • Journal Page. Happy Easter

    be you

    The following excerpt comes from my journal.. It is something very personal and that’s why I’m posting it. Because I suspect it will be personal for more others than just me. 


    Please give me the power to be myself. To accept myself. To accept myself truly. To let go. To have the power to show myself just the way I am.

    To let go of any ideas of how I am suppose to be. And just be. Not worry about stretch marks, free of makeup, wearing simple clothing and making space to more important things than the way I present myself .

    Help me de-clutter and simplify my living. Help me realise that the most important thing I should invest in this life, is my Soul.

    Help me protect it. Help me unleash it. 


    Go ahead an be brilliant. You’re a human being. You are still alive. What’s stopping you?

    Happy Easter from cloudy England.

  • On Pain and Judging each other.

    The Earth has music.
    “eyes make their peace in difficulties with wounded lips and salted cheeks..” 


    We all have those bad days. Those kind of days that we feel a dark cloud is hanging above us and all the pain in the world in hold on top of our heads. Well, I do not know if everyone has this kind of days, but I know some of us do.

    Just try to remember that we’re not the same and that everyone has his/hers own story to tell..

    The girl with the sad eyes and tears streaming down her cheeks is not just sensitive. She hasn’t talked to her father in over one year and she’s afraid of talking about her insecurities with her mother, just of fear of not disappointing the expectations of people in her life.

    The man at the back of the bus with the red bus and smelling of cheap aftershave and booze, misses his dead parents, who died when he was sixteen, and never thought him how to be a man or how to hold a family together.

    The skinny girl who puts on that fake smile every morning – with her white teeth , her perfect smile, proper boyfriend and bunch of friends is battling anorexia on her own because she was never thought how to love herself and was never told that all the bad things that happened in her life were not her fault. She was just a kid who needed love and acceptance.

    The moral of the story is to try and be good to each other and to ourselves. Don’t rush to judgements and jokes about anyone. I bet you you can’t walk a mile in anyone else’s shoes.

    There are battles and battles; wars and wars.

    Just remember that when the dark days come, you’re not alone. The world is not coming to an end.