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  • | I went on a boat ride at the Xixi Wetlands. |


    “Round the corner there may wait, a new road or a secret gate..” ~ Tolkien 

    Last week one of my good friends from UK came to visit me for few days. And it was all exciting, fun and it made me very happy to have someone from back home come to see me.

    But that meant I was also busy as hell and with very little time for writing. But I’m back today, and I’m sharing few pictures from our adventure around Hangzhou.

    We wondered around quite a bit, and because I’ve discovered recently how beautiful Hangzhou actually is, I’ve decided to take my friend to one of those places too. But because of our limited time together, and the fact that I had to work too during the week, I decided to stay closer to home and explore the nature scenery around my area (bare in mind, because is China – my area is the whole city of Hangzhou – which is HUGE).

    That was how we got to Xixi National Wetland Park (Chinese: 西溪国家湿地公园).

    This park is one of the most famous Wetland Parks in China, and the chance has it that is located in Hangzhou, and covers over 1,150 hectares.  It’s mostly famous because it was the original site of the Chinese South Opera, but also for a yearly Dragon boat festival.

    There are lots of things to do there, and you can stay for as long as you want. You can go on boat rides (which we did), you can shop for traditional snacks and obviously clothing and also just walk around and enjoy the scenery.

    And I think the most impressive thing about this place is the fact that Xixi is a peaceful oasis in the middle of a very busy and still-developing town. The fact that you can come here and enjoy nature and that there aren’t as many people as everywhere else in Hangzhou – all of that make this place more worth it to visit!

    I hope you enjoy the photos I took. I hope you like them so much that maybe one day you’ll visit this wonderful place.


    On the Lake.
    On the Lake.


    Beautiful Flowers
    Beautiful Flowers
    Shopping Street: Snacks, Tea, Clothing.
    Shopping Street: Snacks, Tea, Clothing.


    Beautiful Lotus flower.
    Beautiful Lotus flower.
    My friend was clearly enjoying the boat ride!
    My friend was clearly enjoying the boat ride!
    More beautiful flowers.
    More beautiful flowers.



    It was a beautiful adventure, that thought me to go out and explore more and to be thankful I’ve been living in this wonderful city for the last 10 months!

    “There’s nowhere you can be that isn’t where you’re meant to be.” ~ John Lennon 


    Peace & Love, 

  • |My Reading list for May + Beautiful Places for Book Lovers |

    Post Image

    “The more that you read, the more you will know. The more that you learn, the more places you’ll go.” ~ DR. Seuss 


    I’ve been reading books like its 1985! I’ve talked here  about my plans to read 100 books this year. Aiming high as usual, but for now it looks like I’m on track. So I decided to take few minutes from my Goodreads Troll and share with you a few books that I still have on my To-Read list this month.

    I must mention that at the moment, I’m really into YA books. All love stories, music bands, hot scenes and great male characters – yup, guilty! But more on that on a future post.

    And with that said, I tried to add a variety of books to this list – just to keep it interesting and fun.

    1. Leaving Amarillo, Casey Quinn 


    2. All God’s children need travelling shoes, Maya Angelou 


    3. The yellow wallpaper, Charlotte Gilman 


    4. I can’t go on, I’ll go on, Samuel Beckett 


    5. Delicious Foods, James Hannaham 


    “I discovered to my joy, that it is life, not death, that has no limits.” ~ Gabriel Garcia Marquez 

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  • Spring Festival travels: South-East China


    In this blog post I will continue with my adventures during Spring Festival, this time in Mainland China.

    We decided to take a train back to Hangzhou, and on the way to stop in few other cities for a day or two and see what they are all about.

    We were very lucky in terms of weather – we had temperatures around 20 degrees Celsius all throughout the holiday.

    Day 5: Guangzhou, Guangdong Province: the capital of the province gave me a very nice vibe. In a way reminded me a bot of Hong Kong – people were still relaxed, smiling and going about their business without staring at the foreigners too much. It’s also one of the cleanest cities in China I’ve been (even in terms of air quality). I think that is because there is not much construction going on. 

    Also, the taxi drivers were very nice (unlike Hangzhou ones!), the place was very green and the hostel we stayed in had such a nice bohemian vibe about it.


    The Canton Tower 



    The Six Banyan Temple


    Chimelong Safari Park. Which for me, was very traumatic. This is one of the few pictures I took there, and the reason why my friend wanted to go there. 




    our funky Hostel. The people were so nice to us.

    2015-02-20 23.14.13



    Day 6. Shenzhen, Guangdong Province: this city wasn’t as clean as Guangzhou, but it was still nice, lots of things to see – and I spent the best day ever in Window of the World.


    the highlight of my time in Shenzhen: Window of the World. I even got a passport for it!! Totally worth it.




    I even went to India for a sec: a miniature Taj Majal.



    amazing replicas.



    if you even go to Shenzhen, take a trip to WOTW! 





    Day 7-8: Xiamen & Gulanyu, Fujian Province: we had a very nice hostel experience, and I found it easy to get around, even if the city doesn’t have a metro yet. It’s definitely still developing, and there were quite a few constructions going on. People were quite helpful, and Gulanyu Island was beautiful. It had a very Mediterranean feel about it. It was personally my favourite part of Xiamen. 


    all things Nice. Fridge magnets. 



    lantern in the sky.. beautiful weather for wandering. 



    oh, Gulanyu is famous for coffee. So I had coffee too…



    lots of coffee.

    2015-02-23 12.03.27



    2015-02-24 10.24.43



    Day 9-10: Fuzhou( Fujian Province) and Wenzhou (Zhejiang Province): by now, we were well tired and we decided to take it easy. We also did a standing train from Fuzhou to Wenzhou, which was a first for both of us. It was an interesting experience, we did entertain the crap out of them chinese people. My only problem going back towards Hangzhou (especially in Wenzhou), was that people were staring. And also people were very reticent to talk Chinese with my friend (i do not speak Chinese, so she was the master translator!). It was strange at first, especially coming back from Hong Kong, where speaking English wasn’t a problem in the bit. Also, on our day in Wenzhou, it poured down, so we decided to take a stroll on the other side of town to surprise, surprise … Papa Johns! Yes.



    standing tickets, or how to scare Chinese people. 

    2015-02-25 20.31.39



    Papa Johns’ or what foreigners eat. 

    2015-02-26 12.52.52

    Oh, and a park in Wenzhou. 

    2015-02-26 13.41.47



    Fuzhou, tree made entirely from cardboard. Best 10 RMB spent. 


    and some culture stuff, in Fuzhou. 


    So this was my experience during Spring Festival. It was a good adventure with my bud, and I am very glad we did it. 

    Now unto the next one, planning my retreat. 

    Let me know what you thought of this post, any feedback is appreciated. 

    Peace & Love, 


  • Let yourself go. I dare you.

    "You are the Sky. Everything else - it's just the Weather." ~ Pema Chodron 

    This one’s for March 1st. May you blossom this Spring. May you defeat your fears. May you let go of whatever is holding you back. 

    Because you got to live with Passion. Don’t wait for the ‘right’ moment. It will never come.


    Just DO it NOW. Whatever you are afraid of doing.


    Laugh like there’s no tomorrow.


    Love like the world ends today.


    Cry your heart out and then pick yourself up again.


    Travel if you feel like doing so.


    Dress up or dress down. Whatever you feel like doing today.


    Don’t wait for Tomorrow. Do it today. Do it Now.


    Be a goddamn authentic human being. 
    Don't hide behind excuses. 
    Be one of those us that face their fears.
    Be an inspiration. 
    Be a helper.
    Be a changer. 

    Go out there and blossom. 

    I dare you. 

  • Holiday mood ON: packing for Hong Kong!


    it feels like I’ve been waiting for this day in forever. Tomorrow my Winter Break begins!

    It’s been a long term for me here in China – started at the beginning of September with a whole new experience – teaching – and it ended two days ago.

    It has been a hell of a trip, I feel like I’ve learnt so many things about myself and the world around me. I’m starting to get more connected with myself and that’s the most important thing for me. If I can heal myself so I can help other heal themselves.

    Me and my friend Amanda (who has been a doll, and basically planned most of this trip), are gonna go on an adventure!

    We’re leaving Hangzhou for Hong Kong and we will spend the Chinese New Year there. We’re gonna try to hit Macau for a day trip and see what that side has to offer.

    After that, we’re going to spend about a day or two in few southern Chinese cities! It basically us taking the train up back to Hangzhou, but stopping in all this cities along the way.  But more about that in a future post.

    What I want to share today, is how my packing has been going – if you have been reading this blog, you will know that for me, the preparation for a trip is as important as the trip itself. I make a huge deal out of it, I even have a special playlist for packing! #geektravel. this hashtag was necessary, haha.

    So, here it is!

     Tomorrow’s Essentials: I’m wearing a sweater and Blue jeans (Zara), a H&M bag + a cool Passport holder; my iPhone, a Swatch watch and a Buddhist good luck bracelet. This would not be complete without Chanel, of course.. IMG_1562_Fotor

    the only jacket I’m bringing with me is this Bershka jeans jacket that I got on NY in Shanghai. I’m also gonna be wearing my Uber Cool boots. Very comfy and warm.  IMG_1566_Fotor

    also bringing my NOOK (of course!), a Disney Water bottle and my hippie wallet.IMG_1576_Fotor

    I’m mostly gonna wear comfy T-shirt and Jeans on this trip, but I had to bring something fancy (Chinese NY is on the 18th of Feb): A MONKI dress, ZARA scarf, another good luck (this time in Love, haha) bracelet and the Paco Rabanne Lady Million perfume.


    in terms of makeup, I’m not bringing much – I’m planning to buy some stuff in HK.. But I had to have my No.7 foundation and my Inisfree skin care products.

    This slideshow requires JavaScript.

    If you have any suggestions for things to do in Hong Kong – leave your comments below! I promise I will reply and take them in consideration.

    Peace & Love,