Summer camp UPDATES: first CampFire

Time flies by on the East Coast. The days are full, long and sometimes you go to bed in the night feeling exhausted. But oh, it’s so worth it!

I haven’t had much time to post updates, write letters, read or even listen to music. But I am sharing moments with people. We are spending time talking to each other. We are communicating. We are bonding.

Last weekend I have experienced one of the best things summer camp brings: a camp fire.

And it really was one of the best things I have ever experienced. And it was by far the best night I have had since I came here.

Singing together, holding hands, hugging each other. It felt so intimate but so real and normal. It felt like we are all a big family.

I don’t really have any pictures, but imagine this: wood benches close to each other, small lights hanging in the trees, a sky full of stars. Feel the summer breeze on your face. Close your eyes. Breathe in the smell of smoke and dried grass..Β  A chair and a microphone. And a beautiful fire in the middle of it all.

I can see now why some people say that one of the best things about camp, the thing that keeps them coming back, are the camp fires and the moments that we share there.

We shared stories, we had smudge (chocolate, marshmallows and biscuits), we sang. For an hour it really seemed that the whole world stopped, and we were really living in that moment.

It’s like a million fireflies buzzing around, filling the air with magic and making you smile. All of the sudden everything stops and all that you can hear is your own heart beats.

I can’t really put it in beautiful words, but the things that summer camp has been teaching me.. I feel like something inside me is changing. Like walls shattering down.

I am living in the moment. Taking deep breaths.
Listening to that inner voice more often.
And opening my heart to others. Slowly but surely.

Peace& Love from this side of the world.

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