Summer Camp 2014: My first weeks at Indian Head Camp

It is overwhelming. A completely a hands-on experience. There is no time to spend on social networks, on phones, with headphones in your ears. We are talking to each other. We are Interacting.

So many new faces, so many smiles. New places ready to be explored.

Nature is all that surrounds us. I can actually hear birds singing at dawn and I can sit and admire the most beautiful night sky. Everyone keeps asking me how is it. What am I doing all day long.

And it really is hard to describe how it is. I am certain that the best way of understanding what camp life really feels like, is to join one for few weeks.

I’m living in a bunk with four other girls at the moment (the number is going to double in the next few weeks!). We’re sharing bathrooms, mirrors, hair-dryers. We’re getting ready together.

We’re making jokes. It’s a huge difference for someone that used to live in a flat, slept in a king-size bed and shared the whole house only with my sister. It’s a big change. But a very welcomed one.

A good way to describe camp is as a micro-universe. We don’t know what the news are on the outside, who’s hooking up with whom, who fought with whom. We have all this here, at camp. We are the news here. Anything happens, everyone will know in few hours. It’s fun like that. All we talk about is what we’ve been doing that day and probably where we’re coming from. Our stories to share with the others.

We’re only about 60 people at the moment here, all of us staff, but things are going to change in few weeks. At the end of June, there will be approximately 1000 people walking around, socialising and being ‘welcomed home’. 

A ‘normal day’, at the moment looks something like this:

Wake up around 7.30am
Breakfast at 8.30am
Morning activities with the children until noon (I’m one of the nannies on camp)
Lunch at 12.30 (I’ve been having some delicious vegetarian food)
Afternoon activities with the children ( playing in the park, going for a swim, colouring, arts and crafts)
Dinner time at 6.00 pm
Free time from 8pm most of the days (watching movies, going out for a drink or two, going for dinner).

Of course, it’s going to be way more busier than this, but I’m ready for it. I am sure it’s going to be an amazing summer. A summer full of adventures. And changes.

And my only purpose for the whole summer is to EMBRACE IT. Dive in head first. Stop over-thinking and just go with the flow. So many stories to be heard. So many people to get to know.

New updates to come soon, just watch this space.

And I guess my lesson over the last few weeks..

“There is no greater agony than bearing an untold story inside you.” (Maya Angelou) 

Tell your story. Let others see you for whom you truly are.









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