Spring Festival travels: South-East China

In this blog post I will continue with my adventures during Spring Festival, this time in Mainland China.

We decided to take a train back to Hangzhou, and on the way to stop in few other cities for a day or two and see what they are all about.

We were very lucky in terms of weather – we had temperatures around 20 degrees Celsius all throughout the holiday.

Day 5: Guangzhou, Guangdong Province: the capital of the province gave me a very nice vibe. In a way reminded me a bot of Hong Kong – people were still relaxed, smiling and going about their business without staring at the foreigners too much. It’s also one of the cleanest cities in China I’ve been (even in terms of air quality). I think that is because there is not much construction going on. 

Also, the taxi drivers were very nice (unlike Hangzhou ones!), the place was very green and the hostel we stayed in had such a nice bohemian vibe about it.


The Canton Tower 



The Six Banyan Temple


Chimelong Safari Park. Which for me, was very traumatic. This is one of the few pictures I took there, and the reason why my friend wanted to go there. 




our funky Hostel. The people were so nice to us.

2015-02-20 23.14.13



Day 6. Shenzhen, Guangdong Province: this city wasn’t as clean as Guangzhou, but it was still nice, lots of things to see – and I spent the best day ever in Window of the World.


the highlight of my time in Shenzhen: Window of the World. I even got a passport for it!! Totally worth it.




I even went to India for a sec: a miniature Taj Majal.



amazing replicas.



if you even go to Shenzhen, take a trip to WOTW! 





Day 7-8: Xiamen & Gulanyu, Fujian Province: we had a very nice hostel experience, and I found it easy to get around, even if the city doesn’t have a metro yet. It’s definitely still developing, and there were quite a few constructions going on. People were quite helpful, and Gulanyu Island was beautiful. It had a very Mediterranean feel about it. It was personally my favourite part of Xiamen. 


all things Nice. Fridge magnets. 



lantern in the sky.. beautiful weather for wandering. 



oh, Gulanyu is famous for coffee. So I had coffee too…



lots of coffee.

2015-02-23 12.03.27



2015-02-24 10.24.43



Day 9-10: Fuzhou( Fujian Province) and Wenzhou (Zhejiang Province): by now, we were well tired and we decided to take it easy. We also did a standing train from Fuzhou to Wenzhou, which was a first for both of us. It was an interesting experience, we did entertain the crap out of them chinese people. My only problem going back towards Hangzhou (especially in Wenzhou), was that people were staring. And also people were very reticent to talk Chinese with my friend (i do not speak Chinese, so she was the master translator!). It was strange at first, especially coming back from Hong Kong, where speaking English wasn’t a problem in the bit. Also, on our day in Wenzhou, it poured down, so we decided to take a stroll on the other side of town to surprise, surprise … Papa Johns! Yes.



standing tickets, or how to scare Chinese people. 

2015-02-25 20.31.39



Papa Johns’ or what foreigners eat. 

2015-02-26 12.52.52

Oh, and a park in Wenzhou. 

2015-02-26 13.41.47



Fuzhou, tree made entirely from cardboard. Best 10 RMB spent. 


and some culture stuff, in Fuzhou. 


So this was my experience during Spring Festival. It was a good adventure with my bud, and I am very glad we did it. 

Now unto the next one, planning my retreat. 

Let me know what you thought of this post, any feedback is appreciated. 

Peace & Love, 


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  • Nice Blog, Great to see places from the other side of the world. Papa John’s is China? That reminded me of when I was in Medellin Colombia and saw a McDonalds. But I did not go to it. I ate the delicious local fare.

    • Hi Artemis Jones!
      Thanks for your comment! And yes, Papa John’s in China, haha! Would you believe it if I told you I never even liked their pizza..? But i’ve been in China for 7 months now, I kinda miss Wester food. So i took all i could get, ha!
      It’s good that you ate the local food!
      How was Colombia? I want to go there one day.

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