Some demons, we face alone.

I wrote this few hours ago, when part of what I’ve been building here over the last few months seems to be collapsing. some of the points i wrote below have been resonating with me for a while now, and some were realisations that happened while meditating and crying my heart out.

I’m sharing them with the world, not because i need any pity or i am in need of tmi. I’m sharing them because i think we all have these struggles. i can’t be that unique in my fear for loneliness and hope of acceptance.

But I know, even though I’m trying to reach out to others in my own way – some demons we need to face alone. We need to defeat them and rise above.

There is hope for all of us, lost souls, even on dark days. 

oh, i hope it will rain already.
too much sunshine
too much love and caring around me
too much alcohol.
too much fun and laughter
but none for me,
they’re all a distant memory –
love, adventure, laughter.
adulting takes time and
takes hopes
and my blood cells are
growing older and older
there’s no time
we think there’s time
but time is all that we cannot buy.
i wish we could stop wishing days away
and planning
for holidays
and weekends
and bank holidays
there’s only NOW
that’s all we get,
but NOW is never enough
depression, drugs, alcohol
sex, addiction, suicide.
we’re all looking –
for a better place,
for hope
for LOVE.
all plans,
and we all forget to
live the NOW.

Find your Strong inside. Find your tokens to get you through the dark days. Stay Present. Please, stay present. 

May it be of benefit, 


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