Setting intentions for the year to come.

I have talked about the year that has just passerd on a couple of occasions in the last couple of posts; I’ve mentioned travelling adventures, spending so much time with my mum this year and concentrating every penny we have had into a house extension for her and us. I’ve also mentioned my adventure into a corporate work environment (more on this to come very soon), but today I want to make it all about the year that we are about to move into.

So, inspired by the lovely Yoga Girl , I have decided to look deep into myself but also share with the world, the answer to two very important questions that I want to guide me through the year to come:

How do you want to feel?

I want to feel proud of myself. My journey is unique to my own soul, just like yours is to your own soul – and I want to be able to work on that more. I want to stand tall when I tell my story to anyone new; I want to proudly say I am a writer, an artist, a vegetarian, a geek, a dog lover etc. with not having to give explanation for any of this to anyone.

I want to allow myself space to let go of things, people and spaces that do me no good. I want to listen to my gut feeling more. I want to work on creating a future for my own little family. I want to be independent and take more risks. I want to be the 20 year-old that moved to this country with two suitcases and one million dreams, unafraid to work for those dreams.

What do you want to create?

I want to create more writing pieces on this blog, but I also want to try again more to work on some feeling, to put them in writing and reach out to other publishing outlets.

I want to let my own internal story help others cope with their own story, especially when times get hard.

I want to create a Travel journal of my travels around the world so far and a Feelings journal of my internal workings also.

Last but not least, I want to offer my gratitude for this year that has flown by. I travelled from January to June with my best friend, to places that I only hoped I would get to; myself and my sister did something for my mum, to make her lifestyle easier; I took a job that has taught me where I want to take my work and what I need to focus on in order to keep me sane and I have spent the holidays close to the people I love and cherish.

Is not all easy and positive, but this ride is worth it. And I am looking forward to the new challenges and adventures 2019 will bring!

I am going to leave you with a song that guides me and gives me light on the dark days:


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