The Earth has music.
The Earth has music.

On Pain and Judging each other.

“eyes make their peace in difficulties with wounded lips and salted cheeks..” 


We all have those bad days. Those kind of days that we feel a dark cloud is hanging above us and all the pain in the world in hold on top of our heads. Well, I do not know if everyone has this kind of days, but I know some of us do.

Just try to remember that we’re not the same and that everyone has his/hers own story to tell..

The girl with the sad eyes and tears streaming down her cheeks is not just sensitive. She hasn’t talked to her father in over one year and she’s afraid of talking about her insecurities with her mother, just of fear of not disappointing the expectations of people in her life.

The man at the back of the bus with the red bus and smelling of cheap aftershave and booze, misses his dead parents, who died when he was sixteen, and never thought him how to be a man or how to hold a family together.

The skinny girl who puts on that fake smile every morning – with her white teeth , her perfect smile, proper boyfriend and bunch of friends is battling anorexia on her own because she was never thought how to love herself and was never told that all the bad things that happened in her life were not her fault. She was just a kid who needed love and acceptance.

The moral of the story is to try and be good to each other and to ourselves. Don’t rush to judgements and jokes about anyone. I bet you you can’t walk a mile in anyone else’s shoes.

There are battles and battles; wars and wars.

Just remember that when the dark days come, you’re not alone. The world is not coming to an end. 


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