Nahko Bear, or one of the most brilliant souls I've met.
Nahko Bear, or one of the most brilliant souls I've met.

|Nahko Bear comes to UK or the story of one of the best nights in my life. |

** Warning: This post will be filled with love words, amazing memories and life-changing music that I was part of last week. **

Let me first tell you a bit about the story behind the story.

It all began few months ago. I was still in China, going through one of my now-called ‘what-am-i-doing-with-my-life’ periods. And to get over that funk, I was looking for some new music to inspire me and bring me some light.

I first stumbled across this talented young fellow and it was there that Nahko first appeared in my Youtube recommendations. I like to think of it as Fate.

This is how it all began. And I was hookedMesmerised. Enticed. I wanted more. By the end of the day I had downloaded most of Nahko’s songs and watched recordings of their live concert. 

It was then that I promised myself that I will see this amazing soul in flesh. 

And again, as fate had it, I was able to get tickets for one of his first concerts in England. 

Arrival in Manchester

I arrived in Manchester relatively early, giving myself plenty of time to have a chai latte and enjoy a beautiful day. Afterwards, I left for the meet-up, where I’ve met some amazing people and chatted for a bit with them.

Around 6pm we all decided to leave for the venue (Band on the Wall). The doors were meant to open at 7.30pm, so we were there first. We even got interviewed and took some group photos. But the best thing about coming early was that I got to sit at the front of the stage.  I could touch Nahko if I reached out.

Warmup Artist – Dustin Thomas

2015-08-21 20.29.45

The evening started slowly when Dustin Thomas took the stage for the opening set. All I can say about the set is that the kid has talent. And soul. And an amazing voice. Although I was not that familiar with his songs, I loved his energy and how he hooked the public. Everyone loved him.

Check his music out here. It is worth it.

Medicine for The People gave us medicine.

2015-08-21 21.19.09

 “I’ve been trying to find my family for a long time. And I’m trying to help other people feel like they have family through this music. For all the abandoned, vagabond, vagrant, home free kids out there. I don’t want any separation between listeners and us.” ~~Nahko (2013 HuffPost)


Minutes passed, and everyone was getting restless. The moment we were all crowded in that small venue was coming.

Good vibes were flowing all around. Everyone was waiting for their medicine. People were holding hands,  sharing smiles all around and just living in the moment.

The moment Nahko came on stage and asked us ‘How you doin’ Manchester?‘ it was all it took for the room to explode. The wait was over.

He started with a beautiful solo. And I could see it in his eyes he was feeling his music. He was sending his message across to the masses.

An angelic voice, wearing black boots, a pair of skinny jeans and his guitar strapped around his torso. The man got us all hooked. He owned the room. I was mesmerised. If there were people in the room that never heard his songs, I guarantee they are now believers. 

Their track list. I was lucky to even get it signed.
Their track list. I was lucky to even get it signed.

The set was almost 2 hours long. But it honestly felt like 2 minutes. The connection this whole band made with the people in the audience was breath-taking. Looking around everyone was dancing and singing their hearts out. Everyone was hugging strangers and was full with gratitude for the power of music.

But you know what’s the most amazing thing about his music? He’s making the movement move. Literally.

And we were all connected by their music.

The energy was phenomenal.


What I was left with in the end. 

Oh, Hello!
Oh, Hello!

I stayed behind after the concert because I really just wanted to say ‘Thank you’ to Nahko. In return I got a hug, small chat, smiles and even few photos to immortalise the moment. I was such a happy gal.

Nahko is as real as it gets. He came and hugged everyone, joked with everyone and even shared love all around. Such an inspiring human being.

My heart is simply filled with gratitude. I arrived in Manchester alone. I left after making friends, receiving blessings, being touched once more by a powerful movement and for once, feeling like all my weirdness and different thinking found acceptance. 

 It felt like I knew everyone already. All of them sharing goodness and blessing all around themselves. For few hours I felt like I belonged to an actual tribe. That I had found a place under the stars.


I feel recharged, hopeful and amazingly humbled after this experience.

His music gave me back my writing a few months ago, and inspired me to keep going on my path this past week. 

Thank you, Nahko Bear.

Together we’re making this Movement Move.



My wish for you, dear reader.

I can’t make you listen to his songs. It’s all up to you (like always). But I’m going to tell you that this amazing human being and the amazing souls he has in the band helped my life. Inspired me.

I hope it is of help for you too.

2015-08-21 23.33.21



Some snippets from the night.

2015-08-21 21.20.57



I’ve posted this on Youtube:


Nahko's Guitar
Nahko’s Guitar

Peace, Love and Hope. 


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