My January Challenge: Vegan Month (Week 1)

8 months after i decided to become completely vegetarian, i am starting 2014 with a challenge: vegan life for 4 weeks.

and i decided to share this experience with you, wonderful people that seem to visit my blog(or so Google Analytics says hehe)

why? that is what most of the people i told i am vegan this month asked me this first week.

i ask: why not??

first of all, you REALLY need to watch this:

The Earthlings

i assure you, it will be one of the toughest videos you will ever watch. What’s more funny it’s that what the video shows are bits of reality.

of the reality that no media news or capitalist companies show to us.

so.. i sat there watching this video, tears rolling down my face for the most part of that video wondering why.

why do human beings are so cruel.

how can we not stop for a second and see that animal we just killed was living a life as well.

why did it become normal to advertise fast foods and having beef for dinner. or a stake in blood.

why do we say that is normal. is normal to eat flesh, it’s normal to kill other beings and it’s normal to enjoy it.

i won’t go into the religious aspect of this and how some people actually blame this on the Bible and how Jesus Christ ate the meat of a lamb.

but i will stick to this decision i took and i’ll share below my week in pictures as well as few thoughts and reflections.

one of the most things for me were that i stopped craving sweets, especially chocolate. those who know me know i am a bit of a chocolate addicted.

well, since i started the challenge i did not ate a piece of chocolate..

and tell you what. i do feel great about it.

and because i stopped having cravings, my meals also balanced – i have been eating mostly at the same time every day and haven’t binge between meals as i used to do.

i also feel healthier – as in i think i have more energy and that my mind is clearer.

maybe that has nothing to do with what i eat, maybe it has to do with the set of mind i am at the moment, but the fact that is happening now it’s awesome!

one thing that i found really difficult was finding to eat while i was on the road.

i have been travelling quite a bit this few days and finding something to eat what a real challenge.

i had to stick to nuts and some vegan flapjacks.

that got me thinking – what a good business opportunity would be for someone to start like a vegan sandwich shop or even a vegan shop.

so many people have started to realise how important is what we eat and WHAT we eat, that i think a shop like this would really be successful..

here are few links that i have based my research on. also few delicious recipes i have tried or will try…

Guide to Vegan Living a website with so much useful and practical information

My new Roots is a vegan recipe website. the lady who runs it is amazing!

Mouth watering Vegan another vegan recipe blog. i must say, i have tried few of the recipes myself and they really are mouthwatering!

and finally, but not last – my favourite My kind of Life. this lady is so amazing and empowering.

and finally, this is how my week looked like in terms of vegan food:

2014-01-02 18.25.29-1

chickpeas & cucumber salad with rice and fresh tomatoes on the side

chickpeas & cucumber salad with rice and fresh tomatoes on the side

2014-01-05 12.54.04

2014-01-05 12.56.33

2014-01-05 12.57.50

my first home-made seeds bread.

2014-01-05 15.34.12

2014-01-07 19.31.40

cauliflower curry

2014-01-07 19.59.39

the most delicious snack! almonds in shell

2014-01-08 19.47.48-2

spiced rice & cauliflower curry + beetroot on the side

2014-01-09 18.17.36

let’s all try a little harder to understand why we came on this earth. let’s try a little harder to be good beings – real beings.

Peace & Love,


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