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“Without Music, life would be a mistake.”

~Friedrich Nietzsche

If you had a look at my blog, you will know I live and breathe music. Music is part of everything I do, so obviously I do have some favourites, some songs that let me celebrate the good days and help me through the bad days.

I’m no good with playing any instruments, and unfortunately my voice is not the best (even though I wish I was better), but I think I know my music. I listen to anything and everything. If  a song  excites my spirit, then I will listen to it even for few days or weeks continuously.

The only requirement I have for my music is to talk to me.. To be meaningful, to inspire me to be better, to dream, to hope, to cry and to scream. Songs should tell stories .. From the saddest of songs, to the craziest or most sensual dance tune on the dance floor. Music should inspire people to let go and loose themselves; to release themselves.

Music helps me unwind too, but most importantly – it helps me write. It helps me create.

I think each life moment should be accompanied by a song or several songs, or a sound.. Something to make it memorable. I also think that if you cannot find a song that you like, then you should take upon yourself and create it. Just like anything else in life, you want something – you go out there and reach for it.

And because this topic has been on my mind lately, I want to share with you boy-crushes in Music. Most of them are contemporary artists, but each one of them has something very special about their spirit. Their music speaks to me, but also the way they live their lives and the things they believe in inspire me.

And I think it’s safe to say that in terms of people (even in dating), my type is the artsy kind. People that live their own truth. People that aren’t afraid to express themselves, to speak their minds. People that have dreams. People that fight for something. People that want to share their truth with the world. People that keep it real, but who aren’t afraid of going crazy sometimes. Real, imperfect, flawed humans.

These are the men that inspire me. I hope you know their music. If not, I hope you enjoy this selection of wonderful voices and songs. And I hope they speak to you like they speak to me.

Paolo Nutini

 10974661_10152854734739565_3752910947405296862_o-2-copyI’ve been following this boy for the last 7 years at least. I remember I found him by chance, when I was looking for a song about Autumn, and I’ve been hooked since then! 
I love his stage presence too. You can see from the way he sings that he actually feels those songs, and that in that moment, there’s nothing as important as singing his heart out. He gives us pieces of his hearth every time he goes on to that stage. He’s one of the next artists I will buy a concert ticket for.
My favourite song of his is Iron Sky’ at the moment. This one below is the best version of the song. Is live, and the vocals are simply breath-taking. Watch his stage presence too. You’ll understand what I say by ‘he feels a song’. Enjoy.  
‘Candy’ is one gorgeous song.On my ‘Best -Songs -Ever -Playlist’. I listen to it on a bad day and the world seems a little brighter. 

Nakho Bear

NAHKO7I’ve only discovered this beautiful human few months ago, but since then my life is so much better. 

What I admire most about Nahko is his realness. And his passion for causes. The way he lives his life, the fact that he practices yoga and that focuses so much on his soul. This guy should be an inspiration for everyone. 



‘Aloha Ke Akuna’ is one stunning piece of art. This song will save your soul.

‘7 Feathers’ is a very special song for me. Whenever I feel like nothing, I listen to it and remember that we are all Something.








I’ve got to know this guy through the now-famous ‘Take me to Church’.

I’ve had that song on Repeat so many times! It made me curious obviously as to what else Hozier is all about. 

I’m still discovering things about him,  but his music is nonetheless present on all my recent playlists. 



My absolute favourite is ‘Cherry Wine’. And this LIVE version is gorgeous to listen and watch.


I’ve only found this one last week, but what a gem it is!


The Weekend 


 This guys appeals to my dark side. His songs are liquid drugs for most of my moods. 

He lifts me up high in the Sky and then bursts the House of Balloons. 

His voice is pure sex-appeal to my ears. 

My bad side purrs every time I listen to any of his songs. And yes, most of them are about sex, drugs and anything in between! But that voice… The ways he says it is everything. 

This is my tune. When I’m in my zone, I just want to feel. Anything. Everything.


Bon Iver




Ok, this is a band, but Justin Vernon is so good, that I feel one day I will write a boo only based on his music. 

A brilliant song-writer. He tells stories through his songs. 



The beats of this song are liquid gold. His voice is delightful and enticing.


So there you have it! My boy-crushes. The voices that inspire me. I hope you enjoyed this. If you have any good songs or artists you want to recommend, feel free to do so!

Peace & Love, M

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