Looking for Inspiration..? Try becoming IT!

Let me tell you something I’ve been thinking about the last few days when I was at the gym. Running helps me focus a lot on things that matter, things that sometimes I forget.. Also, reading this great book has helped me refocus on the things that matter. 

So here goes my life lesson for today..

There is no right time, no perfect wave, no perfect situation or perfect person. 

There’s broken glass, broken hearts, messy hair, messy beds, rainy days, grey souls and even mean people sometimes.

The difference between all of that and being inspired, being the change I wish to see..? My attitude. Me taking action. Saying NO when necessary, and absolutely saying YES to new opportunities – even when I’m scared.

That’s the only difference – keeping an open mind and actually doing something. 

I do get caught up sometimes, just like anyone else – caught up in the fast-pace of city life, of acting like a grown up, of paying the bills and being ‘responsible’.

But there are moments – especially at night, when I sit in bed under my blankets – that I just sit there and talk to my inner kid: we plan ways to reach for the stars, we make up stories about people, ways to get superpowers.

And let me tell you – as ridiculous as that sounds – we do need it. We need to unplug from the world and connect with our heartbeats.. We need to connect with that place inside of us that wants more than just to pay the bills, get drunk at the local pub and buy the newest gadgets.. I know I want more. I can feel it in my bones every time I stop and I actually Breathe.

What about Exploring..? Exploring our feelings? Our passions? Our Emotions..? Or here’s a crazy thought: what about exploring our Dreams? Working towards making them reality? 

Every time I get stuck, I try to ask myself few of these questions or all of them. I find it works for me – it connects me to my main hope for my life – to live a life on purpose. Feel free to use them:

‘Why am I doing this?’ – why am I right where I am now, what made me choose this place. What’s my main motivation to do this job/ to meet with this person/ to share this with the entire world. 

‘How can I be of benefit?’ – Am I kind enough? Am I helping anyone else b y choosing the path I am right now? What about hurting anyone? Am I doing this job/ seeing this person/ reading this book/ living this way – because of my Ego, or do I really believe what all of these stand for?

I also try to remember that things do not happen overnight. The things I actually really wanted I had to work really hard for. I had to put in the time.

And I think the same rule applies for anything – passions, dreams, new skills – if you don’t put in the time, if you don’t dedicate yourself – then nothing will happen. Nothing will come out of it. All you have to do is put in time – don’t wait for inspiration, because some days you have to be your only inspiration. Your heartbeat has to be your inspiration. And we should learn to accept and embrace that. Your creation doesn’t have to be perfect, it just has to BE created, to be released in the Universe, so it inspires others to create. That’s what all of us has to do.

To see change – you have to be the change.

I’ll end up with a poem I found by pure coincidence – just as it happens always – when you are looking for something, all you have to do is put it out there in the universe, and the Universe will help.

“As your precious heart 
rushes ahead
and says 
right out loud
to be heard … 
‘I love you’, 
without reservation
to whomever or whatever ..
asking for nothing, 
receiving nothing
in return
but for pure
joy of speaking Love
to a flower
to a person
to the night sky
to a creature, 
but especially 
to another soul..” 

~ Clarissa Pinkola Estes 

Be the change. 

With all my love, 


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  • Thank you. When I start to feel angry and mean, l bring Christ into the conversation, maybe Buddha too, imagine how enlightened people react to my kind of struggles. The one thing I know, is panic never helps. Love and peace, Marko Noyes Smith 8/15/57 on Facebook

    • thank you for sharing, Mark! I agree, panic doesn’t help and going back to that sacred place reminds us to be human..

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