If tomorrow never comes..
If tomorrow never comes..

Live in the moment. If tomorrow never comes.

I am taking a small break at the moment and visiting mother Land, Romania. Seeing family, friends and trying to fix my own little heart.
I thought maybe I should take a break from technology and all, but I found out today a heartbreaking news. I knew then that I should right few thoughts in the memory of this dear soul that I was so lucky to know.
A friend of mine, that I met through the Hare Krishna movement in Birmingham, suddenly passed away yesterday. He was a brilliant young man, my age, that was an inspiration for everyone around him. He had this aura of positivity around him that put you at ease instantly. I do not know yet how exactly he passed away, but regardless of that, he lived his life in a way that inspired others to live. He went passed this material world and was looking to get closer to Godhead, back home.
And it made me think how many precious moments we actually waste in life. How many grudges and how many other souls we influence in life.
What I have learnt from Ian is to live in the moment.
To serve others. To love and cherish other souls around us.
To let go of selfishness and live our lives for a greater purpose.
Forgive the ones that have done wrong to you and learn to accept everyone just the way they are. It’s hard at times, we get caught up in judging each other, in moaning and complaining about the life we are living.
Remember to be thankful. You are still alive. You are still breathing. Start there and realize how Important that one thing is.


Thank you, Ian.
Hare Krishna – Jagjit Singh Bhajan Concert:


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