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Journal Page. Happy Easter

The following excerpt comes from my journal.. It is something very personal and that’s why I’m posting it. Because I suspect it will be personal for more others than just me. 


Please give me the power to be myself. To accept myself. To accept myself truly. To let go. To have the power to show myself just the way I am.

To let go of any ideas of how I am suppose to be. And just be. Not worry about stretch marks, free of makeup, wearing simple clothing and making space to more important things than the way I present myself .

Help me de-clutter and simplify my living. Help me realise that the most important thing I should invest in this life, is my Soul.

Help me protect it. Help me unleash it. 


Go ahead an be brilliant. You’re a human being. You are still alive. What’s stopping you?

Happy Easter from cloudy England.

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