When what you feel, feels IRRELEVANT.

When what you listen to doesn’t inspire you anymore.

When what you write doesn’t sound like you anymore.

When what you experience are not feelings you choose to FEEL.

When the people around you only take but not give back.

It’s time to LET IT GO.


You’ve got the power every time.

Even when you think that power has been stollen, subdued from you.

Every moment it’s a chance to REINVENT yourself.

Yesterday’s ‘mistake’ is not today’s mistake.

Today, start by saying it’s IRRELEVANT.

Today, stay PRESENT.


Give THANKS, bow down.

Look up, SMILE up.


It’s never all DOOM and GLOOM.

It’s a balance.

It’s a circle: with great darkness come great light in the end.

With great power, come great responsibility.


Bow down again.

Allow yourself to be AMAZED. to be LOVED. to be KIND.

To be HUMAN.