In the memory of Alan Rickman: Let’s not forget Professor Snape.

“- Does it hurt?

 – As fast as falling asleep.”  ~ Professor Severus Snape


Today is truly a sad day. I just want to pull the window curtains, curl under a blanket and keep playing the movies on and on. Pretend nothing happened. As a matter of fact, that might be exactly what I have been doing for the last few hours.

I haven’t checked any social media, don’t need to. I know that me hiding under a blanket and watching Harry Potter will not change anything: Alan Rickman has passed. And the world has lost another grand.

These movies have marked my childhood maybe in the same measure as the books did; and Professor Snape was a big part of that world that taught me how to dream – that taught me that true magic is born in the heart of the believer. 

Of course, I know that’s how life goes – we are born, we try to leave a legacy, and then we pass. We pass on or we pass away – depending on how you look at things and what you believe in. 

But that doesn’t make it any easy sometimes: the world needs people that burn too brightly sometimes; people that are too loud, aim too high and try to change the world. Alan Rickman, he was a truly astounding actor. And that’s how he tried to leave a mark. And my God, what a mark he left.

I’ve seen him act in few movies over the years, but for me he will always be Professor Snape. The tough, ironic and quirky professor that taught us so much.

I understood the meaning of ‘tough love’ from him for the first time. He also taught me that appearances are deceiving, and there are times in life when people that you never really cared about will save you or love you. Professor Snape taught me that family is formed of people who have your back no matter what. And that ‘family’ doesn’t always mean a blood tie. 

In his memory, and in the hopes that he and the magical world of Harry Potter will never be forgotten, here are some of my favourite quotes by Severus Snape/ Alan Rickman.

snape 5


Today, we raise a wand in your honour, and your ever-lasting mark.

Farewell, Professor Snape. 


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