Here’s to December! Winter Inspiration.

it came so fast folks, that it took me half of month to realise!

the last month of 2014 is here! 

So what I suggest to you, to me.. Let’s make it count! 16 days left of this year – let’s live them exactly the way we dream!

Let us be Inspired and give others wings to Fly.

Be good. Do Good.

Think about the others – you are not alone.

People will need you to be exactly who you want to be, in order to help them be who they want to be.

Be Extraordinary, don’t settle for the Normal.

If you like something that other people despise, that is ok.

We are all Different. That’s how is supposed to be.

Push your boundaries today.

Step out of your comfort zone – marvellous things will happen.

Blast your favourite song and sing at the top of your lungs.




Be Amazing.  


I’ve trolled the internet in search of some inspiration. For you. And for Me. Enjoy! 


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Listen to this and Be Inspired. 

And this. 

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