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Happiness & Gratitude… Merry Christmas everyone!

.. have yourself a merry little Christmas..

it’s that time of the year again, people!! Christmas is back in town! 

For me, is another year, a new way of celebrating Christmas.

I’m far from home (any of them), new friends, new house, new culture. New everything.

And it’s taking its toll on me. It took me few days to notice, but it hasn’t really been easy.

But I thought to myself: wait a minute! i’m here because I chose to be! I might as well make the most of it!

So I asked all my beautiful students to help me celebrate Christmas (more about this in my next post)!

And we started with a simple exercise, few weeks ago talking about ‘Happiness’ and what it represents to them.. What do they think of when they say the word.

And some of the answers were very nice, some were inspiring and some were very unexpected. But the conclusion I came with all of my 7 classes is that ‘Happiness’ comes from the small things..

The things that we do daily, the people that we choose to keep in our lives, the things we say.

It’s ALWAYS about the little things.. Happiness is not a Destination, it’s a Journey. Remember that.

Even when the times are hard, remember why you are where you are, doing what you are doing.. Remember you made some choices once.

This are the answers my classes came up with:

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I guess the thing that I am trying to say is that we all should be thankful for whatever life we have.. Good and Bad – we grow – it makes us stronger.

I want to take this time and wish you all a Merry little Christmas.. No matter what part of the world you are, if you celebrate or not Christmas..

May your heart and houses be filled with happiness and goodness. 


Merry Christmas!!


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  • happiness is not a destination. it is a journey. this in particular appeals to me. I’ve been feeling down thinking that nothing i achieve can give me satisfaction, but i have fun getting there. That’s the main thing. Thanks for your inspirational words.

    • Hey Steve!
      I wish you luck in your journey! there will be ups and downs, but the ride is worth a while.
      Stay inspired!
      Have a blessed new year :)

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