February Inspiration: Medicine for the People

Today, because February it’s here, I will share with you some music for the Soul. 

**Warning: this music will heal broken hearts and will make you feel more than a    tiny bit.It will crack open our stone hearts and will remind you that you are Human,before anything.** 

My musical crush lately has been a gorgeous soul that goes by the name of Nahko Bear  and hangs out (by that I mean produces beautiful pieces of music) with a band called Medicine for the People.

To put it in words, their words talks about feeding our Soul and tapping into our humanity – respecting one another and respecting Mother Earth. 

I’ve only stumbled upon their songs (masterpieces) recently, but they’ve brought so much positive energy in my life, that I wanted to share it with the world!

The band has been around since 2008. They come from Portland, and they have like influences hip-hop, jazz, tribal, folk and anything soul inspired. Basically, you need to listen to their songs to get the vibe.

Spare few minutes of your busy schedule and just click play to at least one of this songs. It will be worth it.


This is the tune I got on repeat at the moment. It’s their latest single and it brings me so much inspiration to write, to BE the change. Plus, Nahko’s voice is sublime: 


This one is their most known song. The piano version is simply gorgeous: 


And if you have a bit more time and you decided that you LOVE them, here’s their performance at the Summer Arts Music Festival in 2014: 


Peace & Love,


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