Day 28: I want to teach my children about the non-value of money.

 “What happens when people open their hearts? They get better.” ~ Haruki Murakami 

This one’s for all of us out there terrified to live dreams.. We own it to our born and unborn children. This is our legacy.

I do not have any children of my own yet, but this piece below is what my mother always strived to teach me when I was growing up, but also what I’ve learnt during this wonderful journey called Life. I’ve also added a splash of hope I got from working with children over the last year.

Sometimes we get caught up in ‘society living’ that we forget how to actual live. I’m talking about truly, actively living on purpose. Breathing in life, taking it by the balls and saying ‘I’m ready for it! Throw it at me,’ This is a reminder of how children see the world – everything is simple – focus on the important stuff.

Because the important stuff stays. Always.


I want to teach my children about the non-value of money.

Teach them how the most precious moments will be the ones that happen unexpectedly.

How the clothes someone wears mean nothing; the most valuable thing they have it’s hidden beneath them.

My children will play in the dirt – they’re gonna go down and dirty, because that’s when magic happens. In the dirt, that’s where we all come from.

I want to teach them to play in the dirt , and not to be afraid to get down and dirty – that’s when life gets fun!

I want to teach them how to love their grandmas and listen to the stories they tell – these women are magical creatures sent to earth to help us make sense of nonsense.

I want to teach my children that violence is not an option: towards humans or beings that cannot speak for themselves.

Kindness makes us humans.

I want to teach them to stand up for their ideas and for the ones that cannot stand up for themselves;

I want to tell them that speaking their own truth is more important than saying things to please others.

I want to teach them to dance in the rain, run down hills and smell the flowers – anything else can wait – is nature that heals us.

I want to be there when they get their hearts broken the first time – I want to tell them not to dwell on it – put it in a small box in your heart and learn from it.

I want to teach them to respect their bodies and embrace them: no need to change what is already a perfect creation – a holy part of divine!

I want to tell them about my battles with trying to fit in and hating my body – this is one lesson I don’t want them to learn on their own – it’s too cruel.

I want them to spend their lives living in the moment, being present, rather than worrying about trivial things:

The way their thighs look in that pair of skinny jeans has no importance to how those thighs carry them all over the world.

To travel, to paint the world in rainbow colours. That’s important for real.

To spread love, positiveness around them matters – the world has enough darkness.

And most importantly, I want to teach them the value of FREEDOM.

To spread their wings and fly..

I want to tell them to be courageous and follow their passions no matter what anyone else says, no matter if they look uncool.. or cool.

And even if they fly away to the end of the world, they will always know that I got their back. No matter what.

Because that’s what mothers do.

They pick your world up and embrace every tiny bit and particle of the gorgeous human being you are. 

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