Day 23: 10 things I am grateful for.

Life is good sometimes. And other times, life is not so good.

We have ups, we have downs.

We all got problems, worries, things that give us get butterflies in our stomachs.

we all have things that we care about and things that annoys us.

we all work towards dreams, goals and achievements.

Sometimes we get so entangled in the material, that we forget stop and breathe and realise how far we have become.


some days we feel lost and scared; we feel like our worlds are coming down, crumbling to the floor in front of us.

Let’s  just face it: sometimes life sucks.

But let’s also face the fact that we have an option every day: to make the change we are terrified of making or to stay in the same complacent position we were yesterday.

It’s all in your hands; the decision is yours.

Take me for example: I’m on this journey of self-discovery and of gypsying around the world, of exploring new cultures and learning from them.

It all sounds exciting and exhilarating and adventurous.

And don’t get me wrong, most days it is all of those things, and more. So much more.

Most days I go to bed with a heart filled with gratefulness and joy.

But I do have some days, like today when things suck. The pressure is high. The stakes are higher. Decisions, decisions, decisions. And all I’m asking is for a sign. 

A sign that I’m going the right way, that I should follow dreams. Or a sign to go back home, get a full time job and be a ‘normal’ individual, with a 9-5 job, with taxes and student loans to pay. 

I have days when something challenging happens, and I say to myself ‘That’s it, I had it. I am going home. No more adventures.’ But that, my friends, does not last long. I feel like I try to convince myself that what I’m doing here is crazy. 

The notion of self-sabotage is so real. Stepping out of the comfort zone takes balls. It takes courage and determination. 

But you know what determines your actual internal success and sets you apart? It’s hard work. It working towards that vision in your head, and not listening to critics and even to your dark demons. 

Hard work is what gets you through the bad days. It’s actually how you get out of the comfort zone. 

Just get your head in the game, and remember you it’s your choice.. it has always been your choice. A choice to size opportunities, bow dow and be grateful for whatever life throws at you; or the choice to ignore the signs and your heart. 

“Focus on the opportunity, not the obstacles.” ~ Bert Jacobs 

And today, I am grateful for the following things. 

  1. For my two eyes. I can watch the sunrise, I can perceive all this beautiful colours around me, I can read. 
  2. for old books and libraries. The two pillars of wisdom. 
  3. spices and lemons. Life has to have some spice and seasoning in order to be fully enjoyed. 
  4. nail polish. The redder, the better. 
  5. living in all this different countries, seeing the world through different eyes 
  6. having dreams and really fighting for them. 
  7. coconut flakes. As for coconut, that’s how life should taste like. 
  8. being able and willing to read and write. 
  9. coffee. The divine ambrosia. 
  10. fruity shower gel and hot water. 



Peace & Love, 


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With a passion for books, music and Art, in the quest to discover my soul's Consciousness.
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  • I can relate to your 2,5,7,8. But what I really think is important is the forth line in your story of thankfulness. Sometimes we assume that we all want to work hard at something, but for many people that is not the case. That is where those of us who hope to inspire others take up the cause.
    Do you have a photo dairy of your travel journey?

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