Day 22: The little things that make me Happy.

An idea came to me yesterday as I was playing the final episode of Season 1 from Judging Amy.  The beginning credits was playing, I was having a sip of my coffee and it was Sunday. I felt a sudden rush of happiness and thankfulness for what I have in my life. For being so incredibly lucky and blessed. 

Then, last night while I was in the shower (of course, best ideas come while in the shower) I thought of daily things that make me smile. I’ve wrote few of them on my bathroom wall (yes, I do that, I even have coloured markers especially for the bathroom) and I decided to ask my students in the Writing classes today for few more ideas. 

The result is as you follows below. 

It was an amazing exercise. Especially in my classes today – rainy day, no motivation and on top on that, Monday morning!! Everyone participated in the brainstorming sessions and they all left the class a bit more thankful. 


My List of little things that make me happy: 

  1. when I pour hot water over the best ground coffee. That’s what wakes me up in the morning. 
  2. when you get home and your dog runs over, so happy to see you. 
  3. finding tissues in your pockets when you most need them. 
  4. the first few seconds in the shower, when water hits your scalp 
  5. the smell of baked cake that invades the whole house, whenever you bake something 
  6. clean room after a long day at work 
  7. fluffy blankets and hot chocolate 
  8. my sister messaging me (it can be any of your relatives, anyone that cares about you) 
  9. the last bite of a banana (it’s the most delicious one, because it’s the last!) 
  10. clean bedsheets 
  11. sharpened pencils 
  12. mum in the airport 

My Students’ list of little things that makes them happy: 

  1. when I find an umbrella in my bag
  2. corn for breakfast
  3. a smile from a stranger
  4. meet someone we like
  5. popsicles 
  6. 100% charged phone battery 
  7. hot tea in the winter
  8. looking in my old diary books
  9. read a funny joke
  10. laugh out loud
  11. finishing a great novel 
  12. tidy my room
  13. ice cream
  14. a phone call from my parents
  15. rest day 
  16. FaceTime my sister
  17. enough toothpaste on the toothbrush 
  18. eating fruits
  19. sunny days 
  20. taking a nice nap 
  21. day-dreaming 

Of course, this are not all of their answers (I’ve got about 200 students), but only the ones that made more sense to the task. Some of them went all the way (being thankful for families, lots of food etc), but I tried to stay in the ‘small things that make us happy’ zone. 

I hope you enjoyed this post, I hope it made you smile a little. If it did, please do share any of your small things that get you through the day. 


Peace & Love, 


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