Day 20: The feel good Playlist.

This playlist if my end-of-month playlist. Some songs to spice up those rainy mornings, when you’re waiting for your coffee to be ready, and you’re thinking of the day ahead.

But if you’re having a bad day, this songs should help too. Some are old, some are not so old. All of them amazing, nevertheless.


1. Work Song – Hozier. I love this song! I had in on repeat for like two weeks at a time. It’s one of those songs that deserves more than one listen. 


2. Cheri Cheri Lady – Modern Talking. Going very old skool with this one. This is one of my mum’s favourites. I grew up with their music, and if you never listen to them, you should! It will take you back in time.


3. Lean On – Major Lazer. The most recent song on my playlist – such a nice beat! It has a good spring vibe to it.


4. Imagine – John Lennon. If this song doesn’t give you a good vibe, I don’t know what would. No need to tell you what an amazing tune this is. 


5. Hard times come again no more – Paolo Nutini. A cover by one of my favourite singers. I’ve been following his career for the last 6 years. Brilliant voice, even more brilliant soul. 


6. Redemption Song – Rihanna (Bob Marley cover). Another cover. Few years ago, when Haiti crisis was developing, Rihanna recorded this version for a fundraise. She brings a nice kick to the original. 


7.Save Tonight – Eagle Cherry.  An amazing remix to this classic. You will love it. I mean, I did. Such a catchy song. Makes me think of summer love and late nights under the moonlight.


8. I wish I was a punk rocker with flowers in my hair – Shandi Thom. This basically sums up my bigger wish ever. I’m kinda dreamer, kinda hopeless romantic. This song sums it up best. 


I hope my tiny playlist make your day (or night) brighter. 

Good soundtrack for a good life – that’s my ideal. 

Enjoy your weekend! 


Peace & Love, 


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