Day 18: At the end of the day, ALL we have is WHO we are.

“I felt like crying but nothing came out. It was just a sort of  sad sickness, sick sad, when you can’t feel any worse. I think you know it. I think everybody knows it now and then. But I think I have known it pretty often, too often.” ~Charles Bukowski 


Some days are hard. 

Some days we don’t feel like it’s worth getting out of bed. 

Some days we don’t have the power to fight anymore. 

And maybe some days we just want to punch someone in the face. That someone it’s most of the times yourself. 

Some days it feels like we’re walking around with a cloud hanging over your head, and everything is grey and lifeless. 

But then you get the days when you feel the world is at your feet. 

The days when you feel like ‘the king’ of the world.The days when everything goes well, even strangers smile at you.

But then you remember: whatever you put in, you get back. 

When you bring your A-game, you take every day as it is  – with good and bad – when you remember that at the end of the day it’s not only about the targets you reached, the things you’ve accomplished – it’s also about the souls you touched and the journey that took you where you are. 

It’s about the moments when you let go of appearances and show your true face to the world. The moments when you just decide it’s time to let go. Simply let go. 

Don’t get lost in the material and forget the spiritual, the things/ feelings we cannot touch, but which matter nonetheless. 

Who you truly are matters. 

Don’t burry your dreams so deep that you forget them. 

Don’t believe whatever you read or whatever others tell you about how you should or should not live. 

Make your own Rules. 

Choose your own Battles. 

We are more than whatever the anyone else thinks we are. 

We, as human beings, are pieces of stardust, of possibilities. We carry whole universes inside ourselves. We are magnificent. 

We are Magic. 

And don’t let anyone else tell you differently. 




Peace & Love, 



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