Day 17: Sharing is caring. March in Pictures.

Today, I’m sharing with you guys few pictures that I took this month. It is basically what I have been up to in March. 

*Warning: lot’s of reading involved, smoothies and job applications. 

This is basically what defines my days this week – reading to get inspired, smoothies to keep healthy and job applications.. well because we all need to do some planning sometimes. 

Here it goes.

2015-03-25 12.36.21This is how the wall by my desk looks like. I spend a lot of time here, so I need things to inspire me. 


2015-03-25 12.45.03Slowly, but surely Spring is coming back in town. Hangzhou even got a peek of the blue sky today. Which is in fact a rarity. 

2015-03-25 12.42.59Sunny days and Smoothies. My favourite smoothie at the moment is Strawberry, Banana and Celery. Yum! 


2015-03-25 12.49.48Coffee, of course. Cafe Niche is a place that has decent coffee in Hangzhou. 

2015-03-25 12.47.31You are a Whole. 

2015-03-25 12.51.29Being healthy and respecting your body is a choice. 

2015-03-25 12.48.45A Selfie, because why not. Getting ready to go to a bar called Eudora. 


2015-03-25 12.38.43More Inspiration. More Coffee. More Writing. 


What inspires you?? How did your month looked like? Share your pictures. I would love to hear from you.

Peace & Love, 


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