Day 13: 3 songs to match my mood.

Because it’s Saturday, and because it’s officially Spring, I’m going to share three songs that I’ve had on repeat this week. 

Music it’s a big part of my life and for me to find songs that I listen to when I write is a daily challenge. 

Sometimes I listen to a  song until complete burn out. But I get in this mood and I start writing for few hours and before I notice, 5 hours have passed and I still got the same tune on repeat. 

It’s not bad, I love doing it. 

I love finding songs that help me think and make me reflect. 

So, in no particular order, here it goes. 




This song helps me relax and it’s got me thinking about this very hype and rebel kind of love. Image having this partner that is all about doing what you feel in the moment, listening to underground music and spending time talking about art and the mysteries of the universe. 

I’m always looking for this for this kind of songs that put me into a trance, that when I put my headphones in,  the words start pouring. 




I’m in love with this guy. He keeps it so real. And this song is a very special one for me. The first time I heard it, it spoke to me about faith, love, the circle of life and death. About finding oneself and not looking back. About acceptance and creating a whole person. Welcoming that Divine part of us into the world. 

It makes me hopeful, hopeful that one day, i’ll look in the mirror and I’ll embrace and love all of myself. 




This guys tells beautiful stories. And the story that this song tells me is one of love and a reminder that we don’t have all the time in the world. 

But also that some people, are just not meant to be together, no matter how hard we try. Learn from experiences, don’t dull on the past. 

Time is short. 


Enjoy your weekend. Take your time to do things that inspire you and people around you. Listen to good music. Write. Dance. Smile. 


Peace & Love, 

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