Day 12: The person you want to fall in love with.

“You may say I am a dreamer, but I’m not the only one …”  ~ John Lennon 


This topic came up when I was out for dinner with some of my friends.

Do you believe in true love?

In soulmates..? 

In that one person that awaits for you, and whom you’ll meet at the most unpredictable time in your life?

I do. I do believe with all my heart that there is someone out there for everyone. I see the signs. I listen to them. And I chose a long while ago to believe. 

But that doesn’t mean that I’m sitting around in my room sad, waiting for my night in shining armour to save me. No! It means that I know at some point in this life, all them stars will align and I will find a partner in crime.

No someone to save me, or direct me to the right path or someone to protect me. Someone with whom I can work towards conquering my fears and living life to the fullest, like I always do.

So for those people out there, that feel the need to be saved from their lives.. and that feel they will only be happy if there’s someone there to hold your hand. This is for you.

There’s no right time – you are your most important person. Love yourself first.

Don’t spend your time creating this image in your head of how your perfect love should look like – expectation is a heartache.

Also if there’s someone you should build in your mind, that should be your own self. Built yourself on your dreams and deepest desires.

Release your creativity.

Give voice to feelings.

Do you. Don’t expect someone else to bring you flowers, cook you dinner, do your washing, read you beautiful poems at midnight. Do it on your own. For yourself.

Be your own sunshine. And then bring sunshine to the people closest to you. Shine bright.




When all of the above will happen, and you will have created yourself according to that image in your mind, that’s when your partner in crime will appear. 

Don’t expect it from others, you have the Power. You have the power to change your life, to change your thoughts and to be Amazing. 

You have the spark in you, you just need to let go of fear. 

You’re all you have. And if you think that’s not important – you need to take a step back. Look at the bigger picture – we are all important- all our qualities, defects, the words we speak, our deeds. All of us. 

We are important. 

Don’t waste your life chasing someone ideal. 

Be that ideal for yourself. 

Embrace who you are. 


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