Come with me to … Jianglang Shan Mountain.

“Thousands of tired, nerve-shaken, over-civilized people are beginning to find out that going to the mountains is going home; the wildness is a necessity.” ~ John Muir 


Today I’m starting a new series on the blog – Come with me to .. – 

I am planning to travel even more in the next few months, and I’m planning to show you all the beautiful places and people I meet on my way.


My trip to the mountains began with this song blasting in my ears:


I got on the bus, day-dreaming about road trips, adventures, being up in the mountains, in the woods and asking Mother Nature to dive into the wildness.

This happens every time I set on a trip. I feel like all my dreams and ideas are trying to escape my mind and fix themselves more into my soul.

Every time I get somewhere new, the common wanderlust for new places settles in, and all I want to do is go a little further, explore a little more, walk that extra mile and discover undiscovered treasures.

Jianglang Shan is located in the Zhejiang province, the same province I work in. Is a 4 hours bus ride away from Hangzhou, which might seem long,but considering how big China is, it is actually not that long. I was prepared for the ride – a very good playlist, a good book and snacks.

This is how the adventure looked like in few pictures: 


There were a lot of stairs to be climbed. Way too many.


I’ve made a friend on my quest to conquer the steep steps.


And we felt infinitely small facing the greatness of nature.


And then, 3 hours later, we were happy to make it to the top.

Being up in the mountains felt so good, that I decided to take another trip as soon as possible. That being said, I’m going hiking again next weekend. And nothing is more exciting than that.

That’s the thing about Wanderlust. You need to have a plan to go somewhere new, in order to keep that spark in your soul. You need to know that you will be somewhere new, meeting different kinds of people, experiencing the life through their eyes. 

And that my friends – that’s real wealth in my eyes.

Peace & Love,


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