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Around the world: New York

Bigger. Better. Brighter.

That sums up my first two days in New York.

I arrived at the JFK airport in the afternoon, and that was the first adventure: trying to find one of my friends. That was a mission to say the least. We were there for 5 minutes and managed to end up on different terminals.

When we finally found each other, we got the coach to Manhattan, NY.

I wish I could explain this feeling better, but just seeing the New York skyline is one of those good feelings you don’t get so very often.

And let me tell you why I say that..

I’ve got this list that I’ve made a while back, with cities in the world that I really want to see. NY has always been at the top of my list. Imagine having this to-do list with really important things to complete: it takes a lot of hard work and determination, but once you complete one of those things you feel so proud of yourself. You feel like anything is possible.

That’s exactly how I felt when I was heading into New York.

It’s overwhelming. It’s different. So colourful and vibrant.

So after a long subway ride, we got to our hostel. And as I said before, this had to be better than any other hostels I have ever stayed in.

For the evening, even though we were knackered, we went for a stroll in Central Park. As you do! And to be honest, I was expecting this huge open space with a nice lake in the middle (think Hyde Park, London).

Oh, but of course NY had to show us how a park really looks like. Besides the fact that it’s huge, the trees are massive, the lake is large, it gives you an amazing view of New York (Financial District), it is also buzzing all the time!

People playing baseball, walking dogs, kids roll-skating , playing tennis or running (loads of new yorkers run, which is amazing). So full of life. And everyone smiles if you look at them! Or they let you pat their dog without frowning at you (which I did, as I am such a big dog-lover). They even start a chat with .

The fact that this park is basically in the middle of one of the most busiest cities in the world, but all you can her when you’re there are birds singing, takes the whole notion of a park to a completely different level.

We ended up for dinner in Harlem, at a local Mexican restaurant. How was it? Well, I had the best food and drank the tastiest mojito. I guess that sums it up pretty good.
On the day of our check out, we went for another walk in Central Park and took few sneaky photos (as you do).

A short subway ride later, we got to Times Square. You know that song: “Street lights, big dreams all looking pretty?”. That’s Times Square. Bright. Busy. Colourful. Of course we twitted, instagrammed and snapchatted the moment! You don’t get to Times Square every day.

So, to conclude my friends, New York has been a dream. Better than I hoped for. And worth all the paperwork, all  the fuss and all the planning.

As a final note I’d say stop saving the money for retirement, for that dream house or for the fast cars.. You get real wealth from travelling. From the places you see. From the people you meet.


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