A moment of Gratefulness.

This morning, after a full week of not being well, I feel a bit more alive and also more in-tune with myself. And that’s a big thing.

In this fast-moving world, where there are thousands of temptations and distractions at every step, it’s very easy not to slow down and get caught up in everyone’s else desires for you and expectations of you.

But today, I am thankful for getting a couple of moments to open my laptop and type a couple of words of gratefulness for all the light in my life.

So this morning, I am thankful for this clean bed with avocado bedsheets that I sleep in, in a safe and warm house.

I am thankful for being able to listen to wonderful music and at the same time, for the wonders of technology, for being able to connect my mum that lives so far away within a couple of seconds.

I am thankful for being in-sync with my soul and being able to listen to it more than I used to be able to.. It feels like a change is in the air and I am trying my best to allow it happen, and not over-think it too much.

This morning, while I was still between dream world and awake, my life partner and my best friend, went on to do a full day of First-aid training. And I am so very thankful, to have someone that is so set on learning and growing and making the world a better place. I still remember when I set down on paper the traits of my life partner.. and this quality was one of the most important ones on there.

I am thankful for Autumn. For crisp leaves, boots and cold mornings, and living by a park where I can take the dog for long walks in the fresh air.

For being able to lift my head up, close my eyes, take a deep breath in and feel that autumn sun on my face.

For warm hugs and wet puppy kisses every time I come home. For coming home to a home-cooked meal and people that I can be myself around.

For Chosen Family.

For time alone, and Sunday mornings, and writing.

For a little app called Headspace, that allows me to have 10 silent minutes everyday, to sit with my breath.

Life is exactly what we make of it.. And I am starting the realise that more with every passing day. You get what you ask for and what you manifest within yourself. It’s that easy. And today I want to manifest gratefulness and sitting down with my human condition.


Peace, Love & Gratefulness,



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